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Software Confessions from Fannie Mae, Liberty Mutual, and Capital One

February 22, 2017 No Comments

True Story.  Over the past few years, Fannie Mae transformed the way in which they delivered software.  Deploys increased from 1,200/month to 15,000/month.  At the same time, productivity increased by 28% while reducing costs by 30%.  But, how did they do it?

Top Five Ways Marketing Teams Benefit from Box

February 21, 2017 No Comments

To create a success, marketing teams have to move fast! Moving the business forward means completing the next project, campaign or launch flawlessly. But keeping every stakeholder aligned and informed has never been easy. Read this article to discover top five ways marketing teams benefit from using Box.

Forrester: The Total Economic Impact Of Box’s Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration Platform

February 21, 2017 No Comments

What’s the true cost of collaboration? A better question might be: What’s the cost of NOT collaborating? Read this report to learn about the cost, success factors and return on investment of using Box’s cloud-based content collaboration solution. See how effective content collaboration translates into a competitive business advantage.

Forrester TAP: Meet Changing Business Needs With Modern ECM Platforms

February 21, 2017 No Comments

This informative Forrester Consulting study explores the hypothesis that modern businesses require enterprise content management (ECM) platforms that can offer faster deployment capabilities and operational flexibility in order to meet their shifting business objectives.

Security Considerations for Intelligent WAN (IWAN)

February 20, 2017 No Comments

Lower cost Internet connections have become more reliable and cost less than dedicated links. Cisco® Intelligent WAN (IWAN) solution gives you a way to take advantage of cheaper bandwidth at branch locations, without compromising application performance, availability, or security.

Intelligent WAN Deployment Guide

February 20, 2017 No Comments

This guide focuses on how to deploy Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN).

Solution Overview: Cisco Enterprise Network Functions Virtualization

February 20, 2017 No Comments

Tweet To succeed in today’s digital marketplace, you need to work faster, cheaper, and smarter than your competition. There is a a lot of pressure of your network to deliver the applications and services you need to do it all. As the demands facing each of your branches grow, you have to keep adding services […]

Big Data Is Improving Our View On Environmental Issues

February 20, 2017 No Comments

Over the past few years, conservationists and others have been turning to big data in order to understand environmental degradation from a global or regional perspective. Such data comes in many forms: social media posts, satellite images and global databases. Using big data can help researchers study such environmental problems as ocean acidification, deforestation or climate change.

Control Application Downtime with Application Dependency Maps

February 17, 2017 No Comments

Application downtime is an enterprise’s worst nightmare. On top of that, it’s fairly common. According to a survey conducted by Dun & Bradstreet, 59 percent of Fortune 500 companies experience a minimum of 1.6 hours of downtime per week. Each time a business application fails, the IT admins have a herculean task ahead of them. They must figure out the root cause of the problem, rectify it and get the business running — all within a short span of time.

Featured Tech Article: Preemptive Transformation at Western Union

February 16, 2017 No Comments

Western Union has always been on the forefront of technological innovation. The company launched in 1851 with the invention of the telegraph. Now, 165 years later, we are digitally transforming ourselves and devising new and easier ways for our customers to move money around the world.

How personal computers evolved and took over the world

February 16, 2017 No Comments

Standing as an acronym for “personal computer”, PCs have come a long way since their early days when owning one was considered to be little more than a curiosity. In fact, the Simon digital computer, widely considered to be the first precursor to the modern PC era is barely 67 years old as of today, less than the duration of an average human’s lifespan.

Price Optimization – The Art of the Dynamic and Predictive

February 15, 2017 No Comments

We live in a rapidly advancing world. Those who fail to keep up, risk falling behind. Even just monitoring your competitors’ prices could be using has become a full-time job in some industries. Both online, and storefront retail stores are constantly bombarded by new trends in attracting customers and maintaining brand awareness. When it comes to price management, there is one answer that big retailers have already latched onto – and smaller stores ignore at their peril.


February 10, 2017 No Comments

We operate in an environment where complex software systems are essential to business functions. Especially in verticals such as retail, finance and manufacturing, there is the need for exceedingly reliable software—and proving this reliability requires in-depth software testing. Conducting tests is no longer a “last minute” activity, but a core part of the development process, one that can dictate how the software meets development goals and in some cases how successfully a business can sell its software to potential customers.

The Enterprise in 2017: Driven by Cloud

February 9, 2017 No Comments

It’s becoming increasingly evident that cloud adoption is going to become one of the most dominant forces in the IT industry over the next few years. As CIOs continue to focus on the digital transformation of their companies, the transition to cloud-based architectures will undoubtedly be at the forefront.

IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: Best Practices for Large-Scale Database Management

February 9, 2017 No Comments

with Alan Paradise, WilandIn this article, we ask Alan about Wiland’s predictive analytics and audience modeling, modern challenges of managing large relational databases, and how open source fits into Wiland’s strategy. Read More >>>

How Companies Get Value from Data Science Production

February 1, 2017 No Comments

Data science software maker, Dataiku, recently completed a worldwide survey that asked thousands of companies: how does your organization put data science into production? The results show that most companies using data science have unique challenges that fall into four different profiles: Small Data Teams, Packagers, Industrialisation Maniacs, and The Big Data Lab.

How to Intensify your Marketing Strategies Using SEO: Top Tier Tips

January 31, 2017 No Comments

If you have embraced the internet to market yourself, then do you know how you can make it better? Don’t think further, embrace SEO. Do you know what it is? Well, it is not rocket science. It involves the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines. It is a great marketing strategy for businesses.

Outstanding Tips for Protecting the Online Accounts Using Secure Strong Password

January 30, 2017 No Comments

Most people are using the social media sites and other sites regularly to get updated information. In fact, each of them should require a strong password which is meant for protection purpose. Having a secure and unique password for each online account is critically a necessary one forever. It begins to access your account quickly by entering the secure password in it. This is the positive step for accessing the account by having a password for your account.

Everything You Need to Know About ITSM Analytics

January 27, 2017 No Comments

with Sridhar Iyengar, ManageEngineManageEngine conducted a survey to understand what IT pros need from an advanced analytics tool. The survey looked at the critical areas of analytics and reporting for service desk management around incident management, asset management and change management. Read More >>>

How Big Data is Optimizing Healthcare Design

January 27, 2017 No Comments

Running a healthcare facility can be complicated and at times, overwhelming. Health administrators are a lot like choreographers tasked with creating perfect harmony between the movements of doctors, nurses, patients, insurance companies, and more recently, with the rise of vocational training such as online medical transcription courses, clerical workers — medical billers and transcriptionists; and that’s just the people. Consider how the layout, location, quality and condition of a facility can impact the delicate state of balance which clinics and hospitals strive for.

Ecogas – Fueling rapid growth and building game-changing analytics capabilities with IBM and SAP

January 24, 2017 No Comments

Ecogas – Fueling rapid growth and building game-changing analytics capabilities with IBM and SAP.

Nexus Repository Rising: Say Hello to the New Pro

January 24, 2017 No Comments

Software development  is hard enough, so we’re making it easier.  You see, a few years ago Sonatype made a promise that Nexus Repository should provide universal component support for free.  This month, we are continuing to live up to that promise by expanding component support in Nexus Repository OSS to include PyPI and RubyGems packages.

Five trends in IT and digital communications in 2017

January 23, 2017 No Comments

Continued digitization of documentation and mobile workforces. But also continued strong growth for Push to Talk in areas such as security, crisis, logistics and healthcare. GroupTalks CEO Magnus Hedberg writes about what he believes are the strongest trends in IT and digital communications in 2017.

AI and Real-Time Data

January 23, 2017 No Comments

In the digital world, speed is ever increasing. This is true for the business world as well. Fast websites, speedy data collection, transaction handling and more are necessary to compete. If your information processing and decision making isn’t fast enough, opportunities will be lost.

IDC ExpertROI® SPOTLIGHT: Symantec Delivering on Its Strategic Vision with Next-Generation Secure Datacenter Powered by Cisco ACI

January 17, 2017 No Comments

Read more to learn how Symantec delivers on its strategic vision with Next-Generation Secure Datacenter powered by Cisco ACI.

Cisco Intercloud Fabric: Hybrid Cloud with Choice, Consistency, Control and Compliance

January 17, 2017 No Comments

This document is written for IT decision makers, architects, engineers, and application owners who make architectural decisions for hybrid deployments. The architecture described in this document is for large and medium-sized businesses that are considering hybrid cloud solutions. This document is also useful for service providers that deliver hybrid cloud services to businesses.

What You Don’t Know About Finance Apps and Personal Loans

January 17, 2017 No Comments

When it comes to matters money, many people tend to shy away. No one would like to have their financial situation put out there for everyone to see. This is more so in the event that you are not able to manage your finances as well as you ought to. Are you one of those people who are into the habit of spending money without a care only for you to realize you have nothing in your account by mid-month?

Why ERP fails after the successful implementation?

January 16, 2017 2 Comments

During one of my case study presentations of a complex ERP implementation, a CFO in the audience asked me a question, “Around 15 years ago, there was a very popular story of ERP implementation failure in this CPG Company. Why this company failed to implement the solution?” This CPG Company attempted SAP implementation during late nineties for their North American operations and failed. It was a very popular story in the media.

IDC Paper: AFA Vendor Profile

January 16, 2017 No Comments

As you consider what vendors you will partner with in the future, this analysis provides a helpful summary of the evolving AFA Market as well as the Nimble technology, business value, customers, and go-to-market strategies.

Gartner Magic Quadrant 2016

January 16, 2017 No Comments

A new Gartner Magic Quadrant report shows Nimble solidly in the “Leaders” category for General Purpose Disk Arrays – in fact, Nimble is the industry leader in “Completeness of Vision”.


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