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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Cigent Secure Storage Drives Protect Sensitive Data at the Edge  

June 26, 2024 No Comments

Protects Data on PCs, Drones, Unmanned Vehicles, OT, IoT, and More From Physical and Remote Attacks

We’re seeing a proliferation of edge devices collecting and storing sensitive data: PCs, unmanned vehicles, drones, OT and IoT devices, and more.  

To protect sensitive data at the edge against evolving threats that put data integrity at risk, Cigent has expanded their Secure Storage Drive portfolio with several new storage drive form factors that protect data against both physical attacks such as cloning and wiping, and remote attacks, data theft, ransomware, and compromise. The newest Cigent Secure Storage drives include:

Secure Storage SSD BGA – provides new hardware encryption protection that can be embedded in devices. Meeting automotive, and Air Force temperature requirements of -40° to 105°C for operation in extreme conditions, it offers effective protection for data for unmanned vehicles, IoT, OT, and other edge devices.

Secure Storage 2230 – provides protection of PCs and tablets. The 2230 drive supports new preferred drive configuration from leading PC manufacturers including  Microsoft Surface, Dell Latitude, and HP EliteBooks. Cigent is the only solution in the market providing NSA CSfC-certified pre-boot authentication (PBA) and full drive hardware encryption for modern PCs. Like the Secure Storage SSD BGA, Secure Storage 2230 meets automotive and Air Force temperature requirements, ensuring the drive can operate in extreme environments.

Secure Storage SD and MicroSD cards – provide hardware-encrypted data protection with small form factors. Supporting Linux and Windows OS and meeting industrial temperature requirements, they provide flexible, robust protection for a variety of systems including PCs, tablets, OT, and unmanned vehicles, ensuring data security mission requirements. 

In addition to their full drive encryption, all Cigent Secure Storage solutions can create hidden partitions to store the most sensitive data and allow remote erasure of data using a combination of crypto and full block wiping.

Cigent’s family of solutions are developed for and with U.S. federal agencies, have been verified by experts including NSA, NIAP, and MITRE, and are in use by many U.S. government organizations requiring the highest level of protection. 

“With these additional storage devices, Cigent brings leading-edge data security and failsafe, certified data erasure innovation to environments such as military, homeland and extreme data sensitivity missions,” said Cigent CEO and co-founder John Benkert. Benkert previously served 20 years in USAF Intelligence and seven in the NSA, and was honored with the National Scientific Achievement Award for technological innovations in data security.

Cigent storage can be configured and administered at scale through a management console and an efficient Command Line Interface (CLI) tool. Cigent and its ecosystem of device, vehicle, and system integrator partners support procurement, delivery and deployment requirements. 

Benkert notes that the Cigent Secure Storage portfolio “provides operators with a single portfolio and partner to ensure sensitive data at the edge is protected – against today’s threats and tomorrow’s, in the most sensitive and potentially hostile environments.”

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