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Tips And Tricks On Getting The Most Out of VPN Services

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Tips And Tricks On Getting The Most Out of VPN Services

July 12, 2023 No Comments

by Arthur Brown

In the wake of restrictions in access to certain services or content online because of location or other reasons, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) has become a handy tool for internet users. Its unique ability to hide users’ IP addresses and redirect the network through a specially configured remote server. Many users have adopted private networks to access information and contents on the internet that they would typically not have accessed.


Beyond access to restricted contents and information, VPN offers a secure connection to a public network through encryption, disguising users’ identities, and establishing a defensible network against data theft or breach.

Most popular VPN hosts have thousands of servers across different countries. It makes it possible for users to virtually move themselves to different countries and browse the internet as if they are physically present there.

Like other tech innovations, there are a few tricks and tips to always get the best out of these innovations beyond the standard features everyone seems to know. Whether for personal use or business purpose, getting a VPN is not just enough. You need to understand most, if not all, of its features and get good value for your subscription.

Here is a compilation of tips to maximize VPN features and use them to improve your internet surfing experience.

Do Not Use Free VPN

While it might seem like a jackpot enjoying the features of VPN without paying, most free VPNs are, however, unreliable.

Since the purpose of using a VPN is for data security, using a free VPN that is unreliable defeats the purpose of using one. Whether using the VPN to access Hulu videos, protecting your device against data breaches, or avoiding location-based price targeting, always avoid using unpaid virtual private networks.

Other than the possibility of a data breach, free VPNs are often slow and distrustful, with a handful of ads popping up on your screen at intervals.

Setup VPN On Routers

It is a cost-effective tip on using VPN. Rather than installing a VPN on every device, set it up on your home or office router. This way, every other device connected to the router is secured. This approach is more critical for office use, ensuring all business files and communications are protected and encrypted from hackers and internet fraudsters.

It is essential to buy a router that supports this feature, as not all routers allow VPN installation.

Protect Your Battery Life

One process VPN protects users’ data, and privacy is encryption, a complex computer function. Encryption is energy-demanding and consumes more power when active on phones or laptops.

A practical solution to this problem is using a VPN when transferring sensitive information alone or in a moment of absolute need. However, if there is a need to always use VPN, consider using the portable battery to recharge your devices or work only in a place with a guarantee of constant power supply.

Pay For Annual Subscription

Another cost-effective way to use VPN is to pay annually for your subscription. While producing once for a service for an entire year might demand a lot, it is more cost-efficient than paying monthly for the whole of the year. Annual subscriptions for some of the top VPN providers offer significant discounts compared to monthly subscriptions and, sometimes, more features.

Most VPNs offer a free trial, making it easier to try out many and eventually settle for the one that best fits the intended purpose. It is advisable to plan and include in your budget money for an annual VPN subscription.

Use Browser Extension VPN

Extension VPN is an alternative to installing a VPN on your devices. For example, the Chrome VPN extension works effectively to protect your data and offer overall privacy activities on the Chrome browser alone.

Suppose most of your internet activity revolves around using a browser like chrome. In that case, consider the Google Chrome VPN extension or the extension for the browser you used to access the internet.

Choose VPN That Offers Mobile Client Option

To maximize your experience online using VPN, choose a VPN that offers a mobile client option. If they installed your VPN on your router or laptop, they should not deny you a chance to use your paid access over your phone whenever you are away from home or office. For example, if you live in the United States, use VPN to watch Hulu or other shows unavailable outside of the United States on your mobile device.

The internet is more susceptible to data and privacy breaches by lurking hackers or fraudsters waiting to take advantage of any chance. VPN offers a significant chance to avoid such occurrences.


Having a VPN alone is not enough, but taking advantage of it to maximize your internet experience is the real deal. Considering the tips provided above will help you get the best out of your VPN.

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