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The Top Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated IT Team for Your Business

October 16, 2019 No Comments

Taking a look at great tips and strategies for hiring an IT team and the benefits it can bring your business. Why in house IT may be the route for your company.

What No One Tells You About Software Development

October 4, 2019 No Comments

There are a number of positive reasons to get into developing software. It is an incredibly challenging career that allows you to be creative and technical at the same time. It is a career that is in constant demand, so as long as you are good at what you do and you are willing to adapt and grow, chances are you will always have employment. However, there are some downsides that no one talks about. These downsides are not so great that they should dissuade you from pursuing developing software as a career, but they are things that you should be aware of.

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Best Data Recovery Software

October 3, 2019 No Comments

Deleting a file is usually an accident. It may be difficult to retrieve the file, but it is not mandatory. If you try all the normal ways of file recovery and still cannot find your file, you may need a more powerful option than just searching the recycle bin. Some operating systems have special options like previous sessions, which allow you to restore your computer to its previous state. Some operating systems offer “shadow copies” that are a copy of your data or documents. These can be very useful for recovering deleted files, but not in all cases.

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How laptops have changed our lives

September 26, 2019 No Comments

It’s a blessing that Adam Osborne invented the laptop in 1981 for the benefits of the future generation. It’s a remarkable innovation that is portable, convenient and solves more than half of our problems. Laptops come in different prices, specifications, functions, etc. You can download tons of applications, carry it anywhere with you, play games, watch movies, etc. A laptop is just like a desktop, but it is comfortable, portable, and a better choice. Laptops have provided a profound impact on our society. We are yet to discover several other possibilities in laptops.

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iPhones do Carry Spyware – Here’s How to Keep Yours Safe!

September 19, 2019 No Comments

One of the most overused and untrue urban myths out there about smartphones is that iPhones do not need antivirus protection because they cannot be infiltrated by malware, spyware, or any other form of bad agent. Try telling that to the millions of iPhone owners who had their smartphones hacked by spyware via WhatsApp vulnerability recently. iPhone proponents and Apple marketing executives boldly claim their products are immune to nearly all forms of malware because of the process of sandboxing.

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4 Hacks and Troubleshooting Tips to Improve Your WiFi Connection

September 18, 2019 No Comments

No matter where you live or how you use the internet, almost everyone has the same question: Why is my WiFi slow? Well, in some cases there are some easy ways to improve your WiFi connection that don’t require investing even more money. If you actually look into the problem, it could simply be a problem with your equipment, setup, or settings. Ultimately, this could be a “you problem” rather than an underlying issue with the connection.

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5 Things You Need to Know Before Creating a Landing Page for Your Business

September 13, 2019 No Comments

Building a landing page for your business for the first time can be intimidating, especially if you’re a small business or a start-up and you don’t have the support of a larger IT team. After all, your landing page is an important element of your website. This is the page that most visitors will see when entering your website and if they’re not impressed by what they see, they’re not likely to use your services or buy your products.

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How to Set up a Chatbot without Making a Mess of It

September 12, 2019 No Comments

It’s expected that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be handled without a human agent. Instead, they’ll be handled by the best AI chatbots. 2020 is right around the corner, and now would be a good time for your business to create a chatbot and implement it. Chatbots with the best AI can give you an omnichannel presence to attract more customers. They can make you available 24/7, and they can have a significant impact on your overall customer satisfaction (and ultimately your bottom line).

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The Best Products Made and Developed by Google

August 20, 2019 No Comments

Google is not just a powerful searching system that allows millions of people to find any information online, but they also produce interesting, useful software and products. Currently, the team of developers continues working on many projects and updating their popular software.

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Top 8 VPNs of 2019

August 12, 2019 No Comments

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, creates a secure internet connection that mimics a private network. VPNs are used to prevent unauthorised access to your data when using WiFi, to restrict access to browsing activity, and to get around region restrictions. VPNs have become popular in recent years, not only amongst people who need to use them, but also those who prefer the added level of security a VPN offers. In this article, we’ll show you the 8 most popular VPNs in 2019.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Tech Stocks

August 7, 2019 No Comments

The benefits of investing are endless. Many people are put off by the prospect of giving their money away and getting nothing for it right off the bat, but that’s the wrong kind of thinking to have about investing. If you’re smart about it, you can see some serious long-term returns, set yourself up for retirement, guarantee yourself an extra source of income, and there are many more advantages too.

How Remote Work Can Influence Your Health

August 1, 2019 No Comments

In today’s ever-changing world, we’ve adopted many technologies that enhance the way we live and work: we’re staying online more and more, our work assignments are getting ever so relentless, and the line between personal and work lives is getting blurry.

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How to improve landing page performance

July 26, 2019 No Comments

Can you think of any princess that does not have her prince charming? And who doesn’t live happily ever after? I bet you cannot! Actually – a landing page is like a prince for a princess – without him she would probably die alone and miserable. And with him everything is easier and safer. So why would she deprive herself of one? The same is with landing pages – why would you make it more difficult to succeed if a landing page really can work wonders for your business.

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Proven Tips to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

July 23, 2019 No Comments

If your marketing strategy does not involve mobile marketing, there is no excuse, you should either adopt one or quit your marketing strategy because mobile marketing should always be at the core of marketing for any business. In this world of digital marketing and digital media usage, almost all users use mobile phones and not targeting them is a foolish step towards any business marketing procedures. Adapting to mobile marketing, can be hard at times where you will need to recognise all the elements involved in devising a mobile marketing strategy.

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Retrospective Meeting: How and Why to Conduct It?

July 19, 2019 No Comments

The retrospective meeting is a ritual that every scrum team holds to solve the most comprehensive working issues. What does this magic word mean? This meeting serves as a time for discussions of workflow and introducing changes.

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3 Programming Projects for Python Beginners

July 7, 2019 No Comments

Learning to program is a skill worth learning. Coding is one of the most important job skills of the modern day and also the future. It is an in-demand skill that will be valuable across all different kinds of industries. However, there are a ton of different programming languages and disciplines, so how do you know which to use and learn?

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4 Tech Tips to Make Your Conveyancing Firm More Efficient

July 3, 2019 No Comments

Conveyancing may not involve directly contesting cases in the court, but it is an absolutely integral part of the legal system that governs real estate deals in the United Kingdom. If you own a small or medium-sized conveyancing firm that you would like to see grow bigger and more efficient, here are four ways to achieve that desired productivity.

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How to learn secure coding in Java

July 3, 2019 No Comments

Java has been used for over two decades in developing nearly anything. From its use as a backend language for web development, to desktop and mobile applications, and even embedded versions of Java on small IoT devices, Java can be seen nearly everywhere.

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5 Website Design Elements That Pave The Way For Conversions

June 26, 2019 No Comments

It goes without saying that a website forms the heart and soul of a contemporary business house. Websites help establish a link between the company and its consumers. The moment you type a company’s name in the search bar, the link to the company’s website gets displayed right on top of the search results. The level of competition is intense. Every single day, we see a new company being incorporated. All of the companies have enough expertise and capital at their disposal to manufacture innovative products. Today, companies seem to have realized the importance of having well-developed website.

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How Can Video Marketing Change Your Business

June 18, 2019 No Comments

Video content is often an easier way to endear yourself to the viewer. Customers love videos and are more likely to appreciate your content if it is in a video format. Vidyard tells us that video is 12 times more likely to be watched than text is to be read. You can showcase your product, provide customer testimonials, and tell your audience a story. You are also able to sell a lifestyle rather than merely a product. Video is an opportunity to show how your product makes life better. It creates a desire in the consumer and motivates them to buy your product.

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Online Lenders’ Common Problems and How to Solve Them

June 4, 2019 No Comments

There was a time when you needed to visit a bank to get a commercial loan if you were not able to convince the alternative money lenders. It was very difficult for smaller businesses to get the loans that they needed. But, things have started to change a lot in the 21st century. The internet has been a boon for small businesses as it opened a new and easy way to reach plenty of customers within a short period. At the same time, the small and the medium-sized businesses can now count on the online lenders to avail the required loan to run their business.

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How the Biggest Field Service Companies Manage Their Back-Office and In-the-Field Operations

June 3, 2019 No Comments

Each field service business is unique; however, considering its best practices can help make the operations more effective for the company. Today, field services are becoming more in-demand and technology-driven than it was before. Managing in-the-field and back-office operations well are important for each company, and each field service business should know the best practices needed for their business to thrive.

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May 31, 2019 No Comments

Tweet Featured article by Emma Smith, PR and content manager at Fonvirtual The concept of augmented reality has existed for many years. Marketing strategies have been integrating this new technology into their processes, but very few companies have embarked on this adventure. Augmented reality will be one of the key trends in the coming years […]

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Top Software Development Companies to Choose for Your Business

May 30, 2019 No Comments

Choosing the right development company for building your software is a crucial decision that can make or break your entire project. If you have selected the wrong company to partner with, it could be disastrous because it might not have the right experience or needed tools for implementing your project. Whatever the reason may be, switching service provider in the middle of your project might be too costly and often impossible. To assist you in making the right decision is advisable to look through a list of the top software development companies and a brief description of each of them.

Benefits to using the Bluehost Hosting for Your Site

May 29, 2019 No Comments

Whether you are a large business, a small business or even just a local business, in order to have credibility and presence, your customers expect you to have a website,. They may use the website only to confirm your address or phone number, they may browse your website to find out about the services you offer or if you are a larger business, they may wish to make an online purchase.

Guide to solve common Outlook problems

May 14, 2019 No Comments

Outlook is undoubtedly the most commonly used email client in corporate circles and also among some home users. Many users like Outlook for its ability to seamlessly integrate across emails, contacts and calendars, for allowing offline access to emails, sharing calendars and many more of such interesting features. However, some other users have a slightly bitter experience with Outlook because of problems that occurs with it every now and then. Outlook freezing or getting stuck at a processing screen, Outlook not opening are some of the most common problems users encounter.

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6 Instagram Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Small Business

May 8, 2019 No Comments

Growing your small business on Instagram requires tact and planning. Instagram has a lot of potential irrespective of the size of your business. You just need to know the tools to use, and how to use them. The key lies in winning as many followers as possible from the more than one billion subscribers, and to get those followers interested in your products. You can opt to buy likes and followers from websites such as, but you will still have to put in some work to enhance these followers’ engagement.

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Managed or Self Hosted? What is the best choice for small businesses?

May 3, 2019 No Comments

When you run a small business, you have limited resources. You have to make the most out of the resources that you have. With all of the expenses that are vying for your limited resources, the last thing you probably want to think about is spending money or wasting time with server management. That is why, when people ask if managed or self-hosted is the best choice for business, we say managed hosting.

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JingDong on Inclusive Business

April 30, 2019 No Comments, otherwise known as JingDong, is considered to be an e-commerce juggernaut, also called “China’s Amazon”. Liu Qiangdon is the founder and CEO of He is also known as Richard Liu, a Chinese entrepreneur of the internet. Richard Liu has an expert background in computer programming, sociology and attended the China Europe International Business School where he earned an EMBA.

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How the Cloud Can Improve Efficiency in Your Business

April 23, 2019 No Comments

Cloud computing has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among businesses, as it allows the on-demand availability of resources. It is typically used for its computing power and data storage features, as the cloud can be a cheaper and more efficient way for a business to use services and software that are run on the internet. More businesses have converted to the cloud for their online requirements, which have helped improve efficiency, increase profits, and boost productivity. Who would turn down those improvements to a business? Here are just a few of the ways that the cloud can improve efficiency in your business!

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