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7 Excellent eCommerce Providers and Applications That Will Get You Selling Online Fast

August 13, 2018 No Comments

If you’re looking to get started from scratch with eCommerce or are hoping to find a way to integrate eCommerce into your existing web platform, you’ll want to read this article. In it, we discuss the 7 best eCommerce providers and what they can bring to your business. Worldwide ecommerce sales are growing by the year. In 2014, businesses made $1.4 trillion in eCommerce sales. By 2021, that number could increase by nearly 250% to $4.5 trillion.

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Map, Reduce and Filter: A Review of Python

August 7, 2018 No Comments

In recent times Python has become predominant language for Data Analysis. Python provides several functions which enable a functional approach to programming. The functools module is for higher-order functions: functions that act on or return other functions.

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The Top 10 Best Online Calculators For Solving Every Equation

August 6, 2018 No Comments

Are you stuck on a problem that needs an immediate answer? If you’re looking for the right technology to solve any equation, check out some of the best online calculators available. Whether you are figuring out how much time you need to get ready in the morning or figuring a tip in a restaurant, math is everywhere in our daily lives.

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Cutting the Cost of AML Compliance with Scalable and Automated AML Fraud Prevention Solutions

July 24, 2018 No Comments

The costs to brokerages and banks associated with anti-money-laundering (AML) compliance are rapidly increasing, placing more urgency on the adoption of next-generation AML solutions which streamline, automate, and improve the effectiveness of AML workflows, especially those related to know your client (KYC) and customer due diligence (CDD).

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5 Things You Should Do Before Buying a Secondhand Smartphone

July 16, 2018 No Comments

Smartphones have undeniably made our lives much simpler. From using on-the-go GPS navigation to making online product purchases, smartphones boast convenience at its finest. It wasn’t that long ago, however, that you would have to spend hundreds — sometimes close to $1,000 — to get a new phone. Thanks to the vast and ever-growing market of secondhand smartphones, those days are now long gone. As you shop for a used smartphone, it’s important to consider several things that will help you save money while also making sure you aren’t getting ripped off.

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How to Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS

July 10, 2018 No Comments

Though HTTPS was around us for a long time and a huge number of people have been utilizing this; it was not until the year 2014 that it became an imperative part of our website design. The reason behind the popularity was the Heartbleed bug that was giving sleepless nights to website owners. The bug was creating chaos by spying on traffic flow across the SSL or transport layer security (TLS). The intent behind the bug’s introduction was to get hands over sensitive data.

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5 Technology-Based Ways to Turn Your Website into a Powerful Tool

July 9, 2018 No Comments

In today’s world, every business needs to have not just a good website, but an incredible one. A website is much more than a simple brochure today. It is your entire company’s web presence encapsulated in one place. So it is crucial that you make your site as powerful as possible. Here’s how to get the most out of your website so it contributes to your highest business goals.

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How Technology Can Improve Education

July 5, 2018 No Comments

Technology is evolving, and its major contribution to each industry is inspiring! When we combine technology and education, we find that students are getting smarter in every possible way. The amalgamation of technology and learning is a fruitful one indeed. They have access to phones, internet, drones, robots, and so much more.

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Tips for Increasing Your Business Resiliency and Continuity Today

July 3, 2018 No Comments

When it comes to running a venture, not enough people think about business resiliency and continuity. This is the ability of an organization to adapt quickly to disruptions of normal functions. Resilient businesses are those that are able to maintain continuous business operations and to safeguard their people, brand equity and assets, even if issues (such as IT disasters, cyberattacks, fires, floods and the like) occur.

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How to Build Your Personal Brand as an IT Professional

June 27, 2018 No Comments

There has been a long associated “geek image” amongst IT professionals for a long time, but nowadays this is changing as the worlds of IT and digital marketing collide. In popular culture, shows such as the “IT Crowd” glorified this image of dressing like a “geek” or having dysfunctional social skills. On the positive, they have always been portrayed as experts in their field.

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What IT Businesses Can Learn From the Games Industry

June 27, 2018 No Comments

According to research by Gartner, the global IT (information technology) industry is expected to be worth as much as $3.7 trillion in 2018. This is a huge increase over previous years, with the figure representing a 4.5% increase over 2017. The growth is attributable to blockchain, Internet of Things, and big data. While the increase means that there is growing interest in what the sector has to offer, it also means that there is growing competition. Businesses will have to discover new ways to shine and stand out, so what better way to do that than to look at the gaming industry, a sector which is worth an estimated $91.5 billion (As of 2015)?

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How To Choose The Right Tech For Your Business

June 21, 2018 No Comments

In today’s fast-paced digital age it is crucial that your business is investing in the right technology so that you can deliver projects, stay connected and also keep your employees happy and working hard. However, the one main downside of splashing out on the latest tech for your business needs is that this can be incredibly expensive and costly to buy in bulk. So if you are determined to spend wisely and make an investment that will last your firm for the next few years, then be sure to keep these ideas in mind so that you can stick to your budget and make the right decisions that will benefit both you and your business.

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The Evolution of Mobile Apps and Mobile Games

June 18, 2018 No Comments

Today, mobiles can be used for all sorts of things apart from making calls and sending texts messages. For example, we can play on our iPhone, read books, browse the web, as well as gamble. Incidentally, just a few years ago, mobile gambling was relatively inconvenient. Today, however, mobile gambling is amazingly convenient, and thousands of mobile casinos are available for players on the web and on app stores. But how did mobile gambling transform into the most convenient gambling method?

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June 18, 2018 No Comments

3D-visualization is used mainly for the design of technical products. Modern technology allows you to create a visualization of the projected object, as close to a real device as possible, to evaluate it visually. The three-dimensional model of the future mechanism accelerates and facilitates the work of the design engineer, saving him from the drafting process.

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POS Systems and How They Shape the Customer Experience

June 14, 2018 No Comments

A point of sale (POS) system is hardware combined with a software system that allows day to day business activities to take place by providing a platform where your customers will pay for the goods and services provided. A POS system does away with traditional cash registers that were normally used to complete transactions in stores. A POS system is very beneficial to use for your business as it greatly simplifies the accounting process by offering built-in digital reports.

How Your Business Can Successfully Fight Fake Reviews

June 12, 2018 No Comments

With 92% of modern consumers now reading online reviews, businesses need to do everything in their power to receive a glowing recommendation from their customers. Despite all your efforts, however, there might be unscrupulous competitors who will happily write negative reviews to damage your reputation and, in turn, your business. If you believe you have fallen victim to online defamation, you should find out how your business can fight fake reviews.

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How Technology Can Streamline Your Business’s Operations

June 4, 2018 No Comments

Embracing the latest tech trends is essential for your business’s success. It can streamline your business’s operations, allowing you to produce and sell more products in less time. And failure to take advantage of technology may allow your competitors to gain an edge in your market. If you’re reluctant to adopt new tech trends, you should consider some of the following benefits that it offers.

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7 Quick Tips to Successful Social Business Networking

May 31, 2018 No Comments

If so, then you are making a huge mistake. After all, during informal communication at business events, you can find people useful to your company – customers, contractors, partners, etc. Hence, it is important to learn the art of networking during such events. Today, we have prepared for you seven tips on how to do social business networking without much effort.

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Four Tech Trends Changing the Way We Work

May 17, 2018 No Comments

As someone who is very knowledgeable about technology, you like to stay abreast of the latest products and trends and how they impact our lives in a number of ways. This is especially true for tech in the workplace. While you know about the many advancements in technology that have taken place over the years, you are always interested in learning how the latest tech can change how and where we work.

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Five Tips For Aspiring Tech People Right Out of College

May 14, 2018 No Comments

Entering the tech workforce right out of college can be daunting. As you’ll soon find out, most tech companies aren’t so eager to hire fresh college graduates who have no experience under their belt. And sure, you might find one or two job offers that are tech-related, but it’ll most likely end up a dead-end day job that has you doing the same menial tasks day in, day out. If you truly want to soar into the tech scene and find the right opportunities that will take shape you into a tech professional, here are five tips to follow.

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution Needs a Revolutionary Data Management Solution

May 11, 2018 No Comments

We are in the early stages of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which will see a range of new technologies fuse the physical, digital, and biological spheres with disruptive effects across all industries. Already, we have seen a glimpse of the transformative technologies to come. Internet of Things, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, and robots are just a few of the recent technologies that promise to shape our future.

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How can new technology change your life in 2018?

May 4, 2018 No Comments

2017 is left behind. What are great things we are capable of doing now which we couldn’t a year ago? How did technology change the world last year? What new technology are we expecting in 2018? The previous year was rich in technological discoveries. Elon Musk gave hope for the settlement of Mars, scientists started using the CRISPR gene editing technique, more companies began to invest in the development of self-managed cars, and Twitter refused from 140-characters messages. The ways technology has changed our lives cannot be described in several sentences.

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Technological Advances: Are Chatbots Able to Replace Humans?

May 2, 2018 No Comments

To understand this, we should probe deeper to find out how chatbots are operating, and what lies inside. There are two types of chatbots: scripted and intelligent. The first type is far from being human-like, and it only suits purposes that can be programmed. Some surveys could be done with the help of this chatbots. Some order services also could be optimized this way. Intelligent chatbots are created to create realistic communication. A good chatbot can’t be distinguished from a real person easily.

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Best Apps to Use for International Phone Calls

April 26, 2018 No Comments

Making international phone calls can be very costly. However, there are times when this cannot be avoided especially when you need to make a very important call while you’re traveling abroad. There are a number of companies that sell cards on the market to allow you to make international phone calls at a much reasonable price such as the NobelCom phone cards. But there are other ways that you can make long distance phone calls for free.

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Tips for Streamlining Your Supply Chain Management

April 24, 2018 No Comments

Companies ranging from a multinational conglomerate to a small-town manufacturing facility can use supply chain data and analytics to help improve decision making at every level of their supply chain, including forecasting, reporting, sales, operation planning and logistics. Using the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are available for each of these links can lead an organization to a more efficient and resourceful approach to their supply chain practices.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is the Best recovery tool in Tech filed

April 23, 2018 No Comments

For many people, losing data or access to vital information on their devices such as tablets, laptops, and PCs can be very annoying and frustrating. There are several factors that can lead to file inaccessibility, including hard drive failure, system crashes, and accidental deletion of files. To say the least, it can be quite aggravating to experience data loss.

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How to Deploy Laravel?

April 23, 2018 No Comments

While developing an application, a programmer wants it to be perfect. That is why the process of deployment is highly essential for a real professional. However, the variety of approaches and techniques, which are used for that whole process, might become a huge confusion for a junior developer. That is why, we decided to make the deployment part clear. Let’s try to focus on all the aspects of this process of the Laravel application, what might be a great aid for those programmers, who are going to use this framework for a lot for the projects.

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The Benefits of a Keyless Entry Card Access System

April 16, 2018 No Comments

Need a better way to keep your building secure while letting specific people in and out? You may benefit from a keyless entry card access system. Perhaps you’re about to move your business into a brand new office building, and are looking for a reliable access system? Maybe you’re tired of your current access system, and are looking for a new one?

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Five Steps To Turn Your Tech Sideline to a Full Time Career

April 12, 2018 No Comments

Most people who get into tech didn’t start out with the traditional four-year college degree. They were just curious enough to actually use new and exciting technologies, some of which led to side hustles and businesses that not only solidified their technical skills but also made them some passive income. If you want to learn how to turn a technology-related sideline into a full time career that pays a six figure salary, here are five tips to get you there:

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What Is A White Paper And How Can You Write One?

April 11, 2018 No Comments

Marketing, for any business, is a vital part of building a valuable customer base and strong brand presence. There are countless types of marketing techniques available, and white papers are just one of them – but what exactly is a white paper? While an Essex SEO agency can provide writing services for your business to ensure it’s perfect every time, understanding just what a white paper is and what it takes to write one can benefit your company greatly. Here, we’re exploring just that.

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