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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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How To Choose The Best Digital Signage Templates

January 29, 2024 No Comments

Featured article by Jenny Richards, freelance IT content writer

Managing to give your brand an impressive brand visual identity is crucial. What is more important is employing the use of templates that effectively communicate your products or services to your clients. So how can you achieve this?

The only way to achieve this is by optimizing your digital signage to ensure it enjoys the best readability through several designs elements. Some of these elements are:

* Text

* Orientation

* Structure

* Colors

Of great importance to note is that if you lack the technical skills to come up with mind-blowing templates, you had better leave the job to professionals. The last thing you want is to come up with something boring or which will put off your clients. For the best results, it is highly advisable to hire a professional designer.

Use categories, columns, and rows to structure your template

Clients easily understand structured menu content. This makes it quite easy for them to know exactly what to order. For example, a customer can effortlessly understand all your drinks when you display them in one area. Moreover, customers can get your content even at a far distance if you use columns and row to structure your content within categories. Rows usually separate individual items. Columns on the other hand separate row prices and names.

Be creative when arranging your text hierarchically

To come up with a hierarchy of text, use weight and/or text size. Make sure the category headings are the boldest or largest. The sub categories ought to the second largest. Lastly, the items/descriptions/prices ought to be the least in terms of boldness or size. As a rule of thumb, for every ten feet increment in the viewing distance, make sure that the text size increases by an inch.

Use proper balance to move your customers’ eyes

For your customers to make sound buying decisions, they need to view your content perfectly on the display area. For those with one screen, come up with a balance between the color and size of images displayed on all your screens. Additionally, avoid putting too much emphasis on the visual weight on one side of the screen. This goes miles in improving the chances of your customers seeing all the content.

New Pic

Make wise use of images

It is not science to decide the number of images to include on display. Nonetheless, be cautious not to use too many images. When you do this, they take away from your design. The images you use should complement the textual information on digital signage. Actually, some might look exemplary without any images. Do you have your own personal images? Why not use them? The last thing you want is to fall victim to the countless businesses that always accused of using photo-shopped images for purposes of marketing. This should not happen.


Sujain Thomas is professional web content writer for She writes on a variety of fields such as technology, business, and law. The topic of digital signage templates is one of her favorite areas in matters technology.


Jenny Richards is a freelance content writer. She has written many articles on Technology, internet, software, data source, etc. By this article, she has given some information about Salesforce Service Cloud Intelligence Engine. To know more about salesforce, please visit this site –

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