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4 Forms of Videos to Train IT Personnel

February 9, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Costea Lestoc, Independent Technology Author

Picture this: you’re the team leader who has recently hired over 50 IT personnel. But the challenge isn’t over yet. They’re all fresh graduates. You’re required to teach them about the IT techniques that are currently being applied in your organization.

If this is the first time you’re going to provide corporate training to the entire staff, it’s natural to be nervous. That’s because all candidates have been hired from a different background. However, you can be sure that the entire training process goes smoothly.

Instead of speaking to them while teaching technical concepts, an effective way is to create detailed videos to ensure faster learning.

Luckily, there are numerous ways to train them effectively. Here are the most effective video forms that will prove to be beneficial as you train your team:


Does thinking of animations make you think about cartoon characters? If yes, you’ll be surprised to know that animated videos are the next big thing various organizations are making use of. The objective is to support training as well as learning.

Instead of investing in animation software, assigning the task of creating whiteboard animations to Spiel Creative for all your IT training sessions will yield better results. Whiteboard animations are recordings that comprise of visually creative drawings on the whiteboard. These recordings are paired with a speech or an audio training lecture in the form of a visual aid.

Once you have those whiteboard animations ready, all you’ll need to do is show these videos to the IT staff. Since whiteboard animated videos are easier to grasp, the IT trainees will be able to retain all IT concepts and techniques effectively.

Screen casts

If you’re required to teach technical concepts to remote employees, video conferencing just doesn’t work. That’s because explaining the complexities of an IT project often requires detailed instructions packed with some visual element. Though you can’t travel to a particular region to train them, you can definitely make use of technology to fulfill the same purpose.

To train remote employees, screen casts are an ideal form of video training. When you record the video of your own computer screen, you’re actually preparing a screencast. This form of video is mostly applicable to demonstrate a complex process in which the trainees are required to follow each and every action being implemented on the computer screen.

Besides voice narration, this recording of computer activity may also include animated text. However, if your goal is just to explain a specific IT task, a simpler on-screen action can also do wonders in terms of helping your staff learn. Plus, you can also introduce yourself to the entire team before providing them the screencast. This way, they’ll know what is expected of them.


Want to create a greater impact on your trainees? Calling experienced professionals from the IT industry, interviewing them, and transforming this recording into a training video is a great idea to motivate them to eagerly learn about the new IT terminologies.

Here’s how interviews play a vital role in video trainings: instead of working with an industry expert to gather valuable information about the topic and using this information to train employees, you can directly ask the expert to participate in your video in the form of an interview. If they agree, all you need to do is to conduct and record their interview and show this video to the trainees.

Author Costea Lestoc – I began writing as a professional on my personal blog and then discovered my true calling, which is writing about technology and gadgets in general. I am a technical writer, author and blogger since 2005. An industry watcher that stays on top of the latest features, extremely passionate about juicy tech news and everything related to gadgets. For tech tips, my email address is neneacostea at gmail.

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