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6 Ways To Get Instagram Followers For Your Business

January 8, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Emma Jones, content writer at TechsCrunch

With the millions of users and one of the emerging social marketing channel, Instagram is an important channel of marketing. In this post, check out the six important ways to get the Instagram followers and take your business to the next level.

1.   Like it up!

This is the fastest means to get the followers. When you like someone’s post then there are chances that he may hit the follow button. According to a study, it has been found if you like 20 posts then you will get one follower. The reason is simple because people like to connect with like-minded people with relevant people. When they like post, chances are they view the profile, see the website link and helps in improving the traffic as well with the followers.

2. Post Consistently

Instagram engagement rates are higher than most of the other social media channels. There are many potential users so there should be consistent posting schedule. The frequency of posting on Instagram should be higher as compared to other accounts. The best practice is the account with the higher number of followers post tends to perform three times a day. Followers look for the interesting and relevant content and like to follow that account more often. You can see the Instagram Insights to see the best time to post on your Instagram account and grow the followers at the faster pace.

3. Use Hash tags (#)

The usage of hash tags is vital on Instagram. Choose the relevant hash tags which are popular in the industry. You can use the tools hashtagify, Instagram hash tag searching tool to find the popular hash tags in your niche. Instagram allows 30 hash tags but use the number of hash tags according to the industry. It is a myth that more hash tags means more followers. Use less but use the appropriate hash tag. Hash tags increase the reach of the posts and thus there are more followers on the posts. Choose the relevant, short and unique hash tag for the better results. You can easily grow your followers through this tool depending on the way you utilize to grow the follower base.

4. Share User Generated Content

User-generated content means the original and non branded content on the entire online platform. Today UGC is getting most popular than the branded content as consumers are more influenced by it. Leveraging original content provides more value to the users and is social proof for your business. The good source of UGC content is Instagram contests. It has been observed that it is beneficial for both company and consumer. This type of content has high return with low investment goal. The main benefit is it can be repurposed across platforms.

5. Interact with Users

Instagram is the channel of high interaction in all the social media platforms. Liking and commenting on other posts is the great way to get the engagement on your account. Users like to follow the brand which is authenticated and active. According to a study, it has been observed that interactions drive more likes and followers on the brand account with daily activity. Increasing your followers is one thing but at the same time having the relevant followers on the account is important from the traffic and conversion point of view and growth of the brand.

6. Share Video

Video became extremely popular on all the social media channels and are the excellent way to showcase your content to the users. Instagram videos have twice engagement compared to the images shared on the account. If you aren’t sharing the video with your brand then it’s time to create one today and share on your Instagram account and get or increase the engagement. This will definitely result in the increase of the followers on the Instagram.

The best thing about Instagram is their great visual factor and ability to tell the story. They are the best way to dynamically grow your Instagram followers. Instagram video is eye-catching and shareable content on Instagram.

Instagram Stories provide another platform to create content that will fulfil your goal, whether it is related to buying products or service, reading a blog post or downloading a song. Instagram is more popular than Snapchat and it is worth growing followers on Instagram to drive massive traffic to the site. If you are finding difficulty growing followers you can buy Instagram followers.

Wrapping it up!

Many brands are unaware of how to leverage this popular social media channel the ‘Instagram’. Liking the posts, posting consistently, and using the relevant and short hash tags helps to drive the visibility of your brand. Interacting with the user and sharing video will drive the engagement to the posts and finally the conversions.

Share your comments below that what strategies you followed to get the Instagram Followers?

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