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Benefits of Cloud Computing in Education Sector

August 7, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Ted Wilson, Independent Technology Author

Cloud Ed 300x199 Benefits of Cloud Computing in Education Sector

Cloud technologies have become possible due to the rapid development of hardware: processor power is growing day by day, a multi-core architecture and hard drive volumes are developing. Yes, and Internet channels have become much broader and faster.

Thus, the cloud is not the Internet itself, but the entire set of hardware and software that provides processing and execution of client applications. By the way, even such a simple action as requesting a site page is an example of cloud computing. Are you tired of carrying a flashcard with you all the time? And if you forgot it at home, what should you do? Cloud technologies come to the rescue because, with their help, it is now no longer necessary to carry a flash drive or cable with you to connect to a smartphone.

Now your files can be stored remotely in cloud storage. There are a lot of such storages, and each of them will compete with each other. And we have to choose the one that we like and will be more accessible than others.

Cloud technology is a new paradigm that involves distributed and remote processing and storage of data. The essence of cloud technology is as follows: 

- You may not have any programs on your computer, but only have Internet access. – Paid or free, it depends on what you need. 

- Cloud technology allows you to save on the acquisition, support, modernization of software, and equipment. 

- Remote access to data in the cloud – you can work from anywhere on the planet where there is Internet access.

Cloud Computing Applied in Education

- Joint project work for students. The scheme of activity is as follows. Students receive project topics and are divided into groups. The group assigns responsibilities. Then the team leader creates the document and provides access to the rest of the participants (using the link or by email address). Students work on a project at home or at school, filling out documents with content. When the work is completed, access is granted to the teacher. The teacher can comment on any part of the document so that students can adjust its content before defending the project. When evaluating participation in creating a project, it is important that the teacher can track the chronology of the changes. According to this chronology, it is possible to determine what contribution each member of the group made. 

- Distance learning. The teacher assigns students with an electronic diary. It can be any written assignments. The student will either have to create a document or somehow work with a document created by the teacher (answer questions, solve problems, fill out the table). The teacher can see the changed document, as he has access to it.

Hazards of Using Cloud Computing

Speaking about the benefits of cloud technology, we should also mention the dangers that they can bring. The first is network connectivity. You should not rely on the Internet, especially if you, for example, going to a conference, have a single copy of your speech in the cloud. In general, this is one of the main commandments when working with important information – to make backups. It is necessary to save copies of documents in local folders on the computer and on portable media. Thirdly, it is the protection of personal data. Do not store confidential information in the cloud. There is a wonderful saying that you can only lend the amount that you are willing to give. Similarly with cloud technology. You can only trust them with data that you are ready to part with without regret.



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