How To Use Social Media To Leverage Your Content Marketing Output

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Content marketing has been the buzz phrase many marketers have been using for the past few years. Many brands and businesses are now fully on board with producing content – to mixed results. However, those that have succeeded with content marketing all have one thing in common. Each of them has leveraged their content with social media. The question for today is – how, exactly, do they do this?

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Understanding social and content marketing forms

First of all, you have to understand how both forms of these modern marketing strategies work. Many businesses plunge straight in with only a modicum of knowledge, and the chances of success are slim. Business owners should be making sure they – or someone in their team – is up to speed with how social and content works. And, of course, how they are intrinsically linked.

Outsource or DIY?

Outsourcing to a specialist firm can bring you results. But, the reality is that you are far better off knowing how the synergy works yourself. You have to be ready to provide the strategy that will underpin your marketing efforts to maximise your results. The simple answer is to get learning. Look at this course outline – If you aren’t au fait with the subject matter, then you should probably consider looking into a course. Look for something that combines content marketing strategy with social media for the best results.

Learn when to post

The initial part of a content and social strategy is the easy bit: producing the content. Getting it seen is another thing entirely. You have to know exactly where and when your posts will receive the most views, across all the major social media services. Let’s look at timing first. Getting your content out there at the optimum time is the only way you can maximise your potential views. There will be certain times of the day when more people see your post and other times of the day when they are more inclined to open it. Savvy business owners and marketing managers know exactly how to get the best response rates.

Learn Where To Post

Next, let’s look at where you post your content. Some content that you create will be better suited to a particular platform. Photos and artwork may get better results on Instagram, for example. Design ideas or product images may do well on Pinterest – people to tend to share and repin much more than they share on Facebook. It’s important to test which works for you – A/B testing may be ideal in this situation. Without those results to influence your decision, you won’t have any idea how to make the most of your content.

Get to know what your audience likes

Finally, look at how your audience responds to your content. It’s a simple case of refining your message – get rid of what doesn’t work, and make more of what does. Your audience will tell you exactly what you should write about – so listen to them by keeping on top of the actions that they take.

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