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Mystery Brand of e-commerce and case opening – Review

November 13, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Ruchi gupta, Independent Technology Author

The word ‘Mystery’ is hardly heard in the field of e-commerce. However, there is one such e-commerce website which, due to its unnatural features and functionality, has come out as a mystery box among all the relative websites. The website name, you might have heard of it, is DrakeMall. While, almost, on all the e-commerce websites, you browse for products and buy them for the listed price. In DrakeMall you can buy the same products but at a price drastically lower than the market price of the product. It is because of this that a major part of the online shoppers has conceived DrakeMall to be unsafe and illegitimate. We reviewed DrakeMall and with this DrakeMall review, we can conclude that DrakeMall is true, safe and legit.

Stupid guy 300x136 Mystery Brand of e commerce and case opening – Review

DrakeMall works on the principle of ‘Spin and Win.’ There are various virtual cases present on the website. Each virtual case belongs to a particular category and holds items belonging to that very category. You require buying a case and thereafter you are presented with a finite number of spins. All you need to do is tap the button and the spinner will run on all the products present in the opened case. Once your finite spins are consumed the product which is highlighted by the spinner is yours to take. DrakeMall has a Curacao E-gaming license as well which further boosts the fact that DrakeMall is completely legitimate. This is just a brief overview of the working of DrakeMall. Continue reading for more information.

What is the Primary Purpose of DrakeMall?

DrakeMall, popularly known as the mystery box, is an online store based in the USA and just like any other traditional e-commerce store you can buy products from the website. However, this is not the primary purpose of DrakeMall. DrakeMall aims to provide products at a much cheaper price as compared to the market. On DrakeMall you can win an iPhone XS Max for merely $40 and an Apple MacBook Pro for under $50. That’s not all! You can win an Xbox One X for merely $5 and a Microsoft Surface Pro for just $100. There are lot many awesome products waiting out there for you on DrakeMall.

Funny Bird 300x203 Mystery Brand of e commerce and case opening – Review

How DrakeMall Functions? How to Get Products for Almost Free on DrakeMall?

- To start with, please click here to get redirected to the official website of DrakeMall.

- Take your time to let the charm of the amazing graphical user interface of this mystery box website sink in your senses.

- Next, you require signing up and provide a working email address. You can also choose to login via Facebook, Twitter or Gmail account of yours.

- Once you have logged into DrakeMall take your time to browse through the various virtual cases present on the website. For viewing the products present in a particular case all you require doing is to tap on the ‘Open Case’ button below it.

- There are lot many virtual cases present on DrakeMall. Following are a few major ones.

Smart Case ($99.99) – Apple iPhone XS, Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy S9, Microsoft Surface Pro, Hoverboard, Wi-Fi Projector, Apple Air Pods, Smart Home Hub, Digital Radio etc.

Android Case ($14.99) – Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S3 Tab, Bluetooth Speakers, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Waterproof Speakers, WiFi Drone etc.

Honey Bunny Case ($8.99) – Apple iPhone X, Pandora’s Gift Card, Michael Kor’s Gift Card, Victoria Secret’s Gift Card, Unicorn Back Pack, and Women’s Wallet etc.

- You just require paying the price of the case to open the case and then simply spin and, provided you are lucky, you can win an awesome product from the case at the price of the case itself. For example, if you choose to open the Apple Case at $39.99, you can actually take away the new iPhone XS Max at the same price. Even in Smart Case, you get a chance to win the latest iPhone XS. On the other hand, if you are an avid gamer, you can choose to open the Gamer Case and win a Sony PlayStation Vita at merely $29.99 or if you are more luck you can win a Sony PlayStation 4 at the same price as PlayStation Vita.

- Once you decide on the virtual case and are done with viewing the items inside it you can actually try out a test spin which is, actually, a free spin to make you familiar with the process.

- Now, for actually opening the case you require putting funds in your DrakeMall Wallet. You can use Visa/MasterCard Credit Card, PayPal and even purchase DrakeMall gift cards to add funds as well as for replenishing your wallet.

- Once you are done with adding funds, you will see another ‘Open Case’ button, tapping which the case will get opened and you will receive a finite set of spins to claim any one of the products present in the case.

Yes! This seems too good to be true but if you are still not believing it then you can check out DrakeMall reviews on Facebook as well as YouTube videos for the same. There are a lot of unboxing videos on YouTube for the products that people got from DrakeMall.

What to do if you don’t require the product which you have won?

It may happen that you win a product which you really don’t need. DrakeMall has taken care of such situations as well.

- Simply, head to your Profile and the ‘Products’ section where the product which you have won will be listed.

- From here you can either exchange the product with another product of the same value or sell the product for DrakeMall Credits. Through these credits, you can open any other case and start spinning again. This is, probably, the coolest way on DrakeMall to replenish your wallet.

Does DrakeMall deliver at International Locations?

Yes! DrakeMall ships worldwide. All you require making sure is that you have a post office at your place. Follow the belowmentioned steps to place a request for a delivery.

- Under the ‘General’ section in your profile, you require entering and saving a Delivery Address.

- Next, under ‘Products’ section tap on ‘Deliver’ against the product which you wish to get shipped to yourself. Confirm your delivery address and you are done.

- The facility of tracking the shipment, once it is dispatched, as available as well.

- Please note that you are not restricted to order one item at a time. You can place shipping requests for multiple products from the ‘Products’ section.

- However, a delivery fee within a range of 5 to 20 credits is mandatory and for international shipping, you require bearing the customs duties.

- It normally takes 10-45 days for a shipment to arrive at your doorstep.

- Please note that post receiving the shipment if you make an unboxing video of the same and upload it over social media you will receive $5 to $10 for that.

How to Get Issues Resolved on DrakeMall?

DrakeMall has a professional and caring customer support staff that is available on live chat, email as well as a phone. If you are facing any issues on DrakeMall, please contact the customer support staff and your doubts will get resolved on priority basis.

Wrapping up – Review

DrakeMall is a legit e-commerce website. It is called a mystery box as its way of working might be different from other similar websites but you have got a real chance to win products at a price drastically cheaper than the market price. Go ahead and try DrakeMall. You will, indeed, enjoy the experience. Who knows you may win the Apple MacBook Pro at a mere $39.99.

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