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Tackling the Cyber Security Threats Involved with Remote Workers and Multi-Location Offices

October 16, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Ana Galich, Independent Technology Author  

Technology has vaulted businesses all over the world into cost-effective and expansive practices, the likes of which could have only been imagined before the inception and adoption of the internet. Now, it is common practice for many businesses to expand to many locations around the world while working with them via the internet as well as using remote workers.

Remote workers, in particular, have become very desirable employees. Working from home, remote employees are a cost-effective solution to getting more work done without expanding to bigger offices. It is currently estimated, per IDC, that there were more than 96 million remote workers in the USA in 2016, with that number only growing a couple of years on.

However, a business expanding to have multi-location offices or employing remote workers does come with some inherent risks, particularly with regards to cybersecurity. Because information and data needs to be shared via the internet and computers for remote workers and multi-location offices to function to their full potential, a high level of cyber security becomes of the utmost importance for the business. So, making sure that employees who aren’t working from the central office adhere to set security measures is very important, as shown by Comtact.

Many companies have been able to achieve a high level of cybersecurity to enable their multi-location business to operate safely and with fluidity, as have those using remote workers. So, let’s look at a prime example of this, as well as some of the optimal tools to utilize to ensure the cyber safety of your business.

Live streaming from 12 locations

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In the field of online casino game providers, in the section of live casino games, one business stands above all others as the best name among online casino operators and players. Evolution Gaming delivers the high-definition stream, live play, and knowledgeable dealers that online players crave. One of the secrets to the explosive success of Evolution Gaming has been their expansion to multiple locations.

As of October 2018, Evolution Gaming is based in Latvia, Malta, Romania, Georgia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Estonia, Spain, and New Jersey in the USA. With so many offices and studios around the world, Evolution Gaming has created a vast and diverse offering, but with 3,600 full-time workers across all Evolution Gaming locations as of June 2018, not to mention the part-time workers, they’ve had to deal with their fair share of cybersecurity measures.

Being a company that provides an online product, Evolution Gaming has to provide evidence to its customers that it delivers top-class cybersecurity and encryption technology to ensure that user data cannot be stolen. The company itself runs smoothly across all 12 of its locations, and with so many of its employees working as live dealers for live casino games at companies like Betway, such as roulette and blackjack, they need to ensure that the employees know their online security protocols. It’s the top level of cybersecurity that has allowed Evolution Gaming to keep their data safe and secure, further enabling them to expand to new locations and become even bigger.

Key cybersecurity measures to employ

 Tackling the Cyber Security Threats Involved with Remote Workers and Multi Location Offices

There are many apps and tools which allow your business to heighten cyber security for multi-location offices and remote workers. One such way is the use of remote desktop services, which themselves weigh in as a strong data security measure. Remote desktops provide security of data through cloud storage, meaning that the dysfunction or theft of a device will not result in the loss of data. Many of these services also come with heightened crypto security measures and encryption services already built in, making them very secure hubs for your workers in distant offices or those working remotely to gain access to data and submit data of their own.

Another common practice is to employ the use of a virtual private network or VPN. According to NSI, VPNs provide security through the use of virtual tunnels which encrypt data and encapsulate it from one side of the tunnel before sending the data and decrypting it at the other end. VPNs are a great security measure to use – provided that you use a trusted VPN program – and they can be managed from one side of the connection to give you or the employees running your business’ network full control. This control of the network can also be done remotely, not requiring on-site staff to handle the remote links.

But, it’s not just cybersecurity measures that will need to be utilized as remote employees will need some form of training to ensure that they’re protecting your data and access to your data from their end. Shared computers, eavesdropping, hard copy data use, and mobile device use can all result in a breach of security and leak of data. So, be sure to train workers in strong security and cybersecurity practices.

The increasing use of remote workers and multi-location offices is helping businesses to reach a wider audience of employee and custom, but in doing work via the internet, the business needs to make sure that proper cybersecurity tools are in place.


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