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Tech to Get Your Health Organization Communicating Securely

July 29, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Andrej, Digital Marketing Specialist

The explosion of new technology hitting the market has transformed the way companies do business, governments make policies, and citizens live their lives. That we all have pocked-sized devices which keep us connected to people around the world is truly a marvel, but it comes with risks too.

The political and corporate worlds get rocked whenever news emerges that hackers have breached the security of another political party or corporation — and institutions once thought to be impenetrable are cracked open before the world.

It’s in this context that health organizations look for technology that can give their boards powerful communication tools that are fundamentally secure — and they have found precisely this technology in board portal software. Let’s take a closer look at how board portal software benefits health organizations.

Secure Communications

Health organizations are required to take confidentiality very seriously, as they come into contact with the private health-related information of potentially millions of people. The organization could face legal liability, as well as potentially cause devastating health consequences for the public, if this information were to get breached.

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Board portal software takes security seriously. Cloud-based board portal software has many layers of sophisticated encryption, which prevents just anyone from accessing the platform. The servers storing the information always adhere to independent, third-party security certifications.

Each log-in is authenticated, so your organization will know that whoever entered the system was in fact meant to have access.

In the event of an emergency, board portal software still keeps you protected. If a director loses the device they use to access the software, they can scrub its board data remotely to prevent a breach. If, on the other hand, the director who is without their device needs to access important data before a meeting, they can just log in from any other device. There will always be operational continuity.

Health organizations can promote transparency and good governance confidently, knowing their communications are safe. Board portal software has many other important features, so to learn more you can read on.

Streamlined Communication, Remote Teamwork

The entire organization benefits from a board that stays connected before, during, and after meetings, and this is exactly what board portal software does.

Board portal software centralizes all your communications, so everybody communicates in one place rather than going back and forth between text messages and endless emails. Board portal software makes it easy for directors who live geographically far apart to read, share, and annotate all board materials including agendas, minutes from past meetings, and materials for upcoming meetings.

Admins only have to press a button to aggregate and upload board packages, swap in new documents or edit existing documents, and alert board directors of any new changes. You can tightly control who can see and edit documents with role-based permissions for committees and sub-committees.

With so many stories in the news about high-profile hacks, it’s easy to understand why health organizations that have such a burning need for confidentiality and powerful communication tools turn     to board portal software.

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Andrej Kovačević

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