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Tips for increasing brand visibility on Instagram

November 21, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Alex Jones, Independent Technology Author

Have you wondered how other brands are increasing their Instagram visibility? Do you wish to get there as well?

All you need is the right pictures and tactics. That should get you stronger on Instagram. is clear proof that Instagram might be everything you need you to get more traffic.

blond 300x200 Tips for increasing brand visibility on Instagram

Instagram gets more engagement than Facebook and any other social platform. Studies have shown that Instagram might have 50 times more posts than Facebook and twitter. No wonder has grown so popular in helping companies achieve more engagement on Instagram.

Pictures attract people more than anything else. It is easier to get fast likes Instagram with a proper posting.

IG like buy is becoming more and more applicable to many people. It is among the surest ways to get Instagram likes.

But that is not all you can do to improve visibility for your brand. The five tips shared below are worth noting as well.

Leverage on user-generated content

Everyone likes to be recognized. You can take advantage of this factor and give people a spotlight in your posting. This should get them excited knowing they are recognized when you showcase them in your stream.

They will start telling their friends about how it and about your brand as well.

You can ask users to take photos with your product and tag you. At they do that, they will be sharing on the account for more people to see. You create more interest when everyday people are seen using the product than celebrities.

Protect your online personality

It is crucial you maintain consistency on Instagram. Such should be spread across all your social network platforms.

Your fans expect to see the same logo, voice, and emotion wherever they find you. So, before you even buy Instagram likes or get Instagram followers to ensure your personality is intact.

It is easier to do this on Facebook and twitter.

On Instagram, use the picture on your profile as your logo, and your title and username should be the name of your company. Every picture you share should be a representation of your online voice.

You can also create a watermark to incorporate your logo.

instagram 300x180 Tips for increasing brand visibility on Instagram

Listen and reach out using hashtags

Hashtags are prominent on Instagram too. They stand as a staple of social media.

They serve to promote the brand and products by helping you keep track of mentions. You also connect with people in particular communities.

If you are going buy Instagram followers, ensure you have ways to connect and know them. Brand specific hashtags can go a long way here.

Let them know your talents

Let your IG followers know the one thing your company is excellent at. Show it as a picture and it will speak a thousand words.

You can get people to follow you on Instagram with great photos or company profile. But to keep them, you have to wow them.

Integrate your social channels

There is no doubt that Instagram is excellent. However, it might not be the primary marketing tool for you.

It will not be worth it quitting what you have established on another social platform. Instead, integrate your marketing efforts across all other platforms. By doing so, you use primary social channels to pull more traffic on Instagram.


Instagram indeed has a higher potential. You can create your visual content and connect with different communities.

The tips shared above can be key to your success on IG. It won’t be long before you get traffic flowing to your website.



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