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Top 5 Businesses that Can Benefit Most from Cloud Computing

May 2, 2016 No Comments

Featured article by Calvin Paige, Independent Technology Author

As time goes by, Cloud computing is taking on greater roles in the world of business which leads many to wonder why more companies aren’t taking advantage of the many benefits inherent in this type of technology. Unfortunately, the reason for this is probably based on the fact that few people actually have a sound understanding of what it means to work in the Cloud.

For brevity’s sake, Cloud computing is nothing more (or nothing less!) than a place where data files can be stored and easily accessed by anyone no matter where they are. In terms of business, this is an invaluable aid, but most especially to those who have workers scattered about the globe. Keeping this in mind, here are the top five businesses that can benefit most from Cloud computing.

1. Marketing Groups

Marketing groups are oftentimes one of the most misunderstood industries out there. When you hear the term ‘marketing’ you often think of advertising, but marketers do so much more than merely promote their clients through advertising strategies. Marketers actually are a type of elite sales force that have, in recent years, begun bringing their clients’ products to market at direct events. This is why having the ability to work in the Cloud is a definite advantage to marketers.

No matter where teams are located in the field, daily records can be uploaded and accessed by home office or other teams, and even clients can upload new information as it becomes available. Remember, working in the Cloud doesn’t mean that all users have the same level of access rights so don’t be afraid to keep important files on those remote servers.

2. Shared Office Space Leasing Companies

When sharing office space to keep costs low, many of the extras that come along with a lease are just as important as having that actual office to work from. Most shared office spaces offer on-site security guards and/or CCTV security systems along with centralised reception and shared conference rooms that can be booked in advance for intra-office or client meetings. In fact, some of the more novel uses of Cloud computing offer a Cloud-based meeting room booking system Outlook integration platform where tenants can check the availability of the room, book it as needed and even manage all meetings right there from that single booking platform. Visit the Pronestor website to find out more.

3. Data Security Firms

Another of the main advantages of Cloud computing is that files are often moved about so that they don’t stay on the same system all of the time. Data security firms can benefit greatly from Cloud computing because they can move their customers’ files around continually, making them much more difficult to find and hack. This is a real plus when in the business of digital data security.

4. Global Corporations

Any company that has either franchises or offices scattered about the globe can also benefit from Cloud computing. Each office can stay in touch with others and they can share information as needed. Working in the Cloud can actually save global enterprises money because they can negate the need to open physical locations a good bit of the time. Workers can access data via mobile devices so that a branch office really isn’t needed at all. When it becomes apparent that a physical location isn’t needed at all, the Cloud is the hot spot of company activity.

5. Accountancies

Finally, accountancies are amongst the top firms that have need of the Cloud. Here clients can upload pertinent financial information where an accountant can access it whenever it is needed. Tax papers, digital ledgers and other types of data can also be stored in the Cloud so that clients can download copies if and when they are needed. Imagine all the time that saves accountants, especially during tax time.

While almost any type of business whatsoever can benefit from Cloud computing, these five are the ones most likely to benefit highly. If you are new to working in the Cloud, let’s just say it’s a dream come true – no pun intended.


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