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Toucan Toco, the Ultimate Data Visualization Applications for Decision Makers

February 27, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Leo Ambrose Goodwin C.E.O of SEO And Web Design 

Toucan Toco is a French company that specializes in the creation of data visualization software for businesses to help them in decision making. The company also offers mobile applications for analyzing, correlating, and visualizing sales, marketing, financial and human resources data. It was founded in March 2014 by Kilian Bazin.

A dashboard is a tool for visualizing raw data and making it more accessible and comprehensive. Creating a business dashboard require creativity as the dashboard must be understood by everyone who is using it. The developer has to define decisions for the dashboard that are understandable by the team members.

Business dashboards should be on a single screen. They should only cover essential indicators. Anyone viewing the dashboard should know what’s happening by a single look. Toucan Toco designs customized dashboards for businesses according to their specific business needs. Every company is diverse and so is its data.

toco 1 300x167 Toucan Toco, the Ultimate Data Visualization Applications for Decision Makers

Toucan Toco builds dashboards that can accommodate changes in a business. Companies will evolve. Therefore, an organization needs a dashboard that can be reviewed and revised constantly.

Since inception, Toucan Toco has served approximately 95 clients including Fortune 500 companies such as Marques Avenue, Total, Axa, and BIC. Currently, the company has expanded in Spain and Italy. There are plans to expand operations to the Netherlands.

Solutions from Toucan Toco uses storytelling techniques to make data more appealing to executives and decision makers. The software help professionals visualize data in a user-friendly way such that a single glance at the data gives them insight into the essential performance indicators. Toucan Toco believes that delivering data-driven insights through visualization and storytelling plays an important role in the realization of digital change in businesses.

Toucan Toco has managed to be ahead of its competitors because of the mobility of their software solutions on tablets, mobile phones, and PC. Every employee in an organization has a different story and uses data to perform various tasks. For instance, a human resource manager uses data to track the talents, skills, and commitment of an employee. A CEO, on the other hand, needs data to know the current financial position of a company. Toucan designs their software such that data is accessible to as many people as possible in an organization and not just data scientists and analysts.

The Paris-based software company delivers its solutions through the cloud. Users can visualize data insights in real-time as data changes. Thus, helping them perform swiftly in their jobs. Research shows that information grows by 60 percent annually. However, more than half of the employees do not have access to that information hence they cannot make informed decisions. This means that companies are not making the most of the information they have.

The software is integrated into the information system of an organization. The connectors aggregate data as it flows through the information system and the databases. The applications connect flat files such as Excel files and IT files such as SAP at the same time. Software from Toucan Toco come with collaborative tools such as chats, messages, recommendation, and glossaries. In addition, users can extract data in form of PDF or mails.

Toco 2 300x168 Toucan Toco, the Ultimate Data Visualization Applications for Decision Makers

Toucan Toco creates software that simplifies day to day operations of a company by processing data and presenting it in a format that is user-friendly to all users. According to the co-founder and business development director of Toucan Toco, Baptiste Jourdan, every organization seeks for simpler ways to leverage data in all departments.

All software is developed iteratively using the agile methodology as opposed to the waterfall. Thus, a software project can be produced in iterations within three months at most. Toucan Toco designs all their software with the end user in mind. Their simple and exceptional user interface gives users a unique experience.

Toucan Toco software is designed for the non-tech savvy managers who need to make informed decisions. Also, the company produces software with amazing features such as custom charts, interactive dashboards, custom queries, verbatim analysis, and data import/export features.



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