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10 WordPress Hacks for Beginner Developers

April 15, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Vavianne Bell, Independent Technology Author

Since the world was hit by the pandemic, the majority of businesses has gone online. Because of it, the need for skilled website developers has soared. For many people, including students, this trend is nothing but a great chance to earn some cash and advance their computer skills.

Thanks to WordPress, web development is getting easier day by day. To create a great website is now so easy as to google “write my essay for me on EssayPro” and order an essay. All you need to succeed in website building is to study the fundamentals and look for a few extra hacks from gurus.

The WordPress tips are exactly what we want to share with you in this post. These ones will be especially helpful for beginners. Let’s go!


Duplicate Blog Posts

If you need to create a few blog posts with a similar format but different content, no need to structure each one of them manually. Instead, use plugins like Duplicate Post to clone existing pages. Then, you’ll only have to edit the content and structure the way you see fit.

It saves your time and helps to avoid tedious and manual work. Instead, you can use it for more complex design and development solutions.

Format Your Text

If you need to format your text nicely and easily without spending too much time on it, use software like Markdown. It helps style the text with no extra effort. Moreover, this feature is built in the current versions of WordPress by default.

Markdown helps you handle the following tasks:

– Create block quotes
– Create lists and bullet points
– Create new heading styles, etc.

Switch Heading Styles

You used to highlight headings, go to the drop-down list, and then choose the heading style that fits your needs. WordPress has made it much easier. Now you can switch styles in the blink of an eye by tapping one key.

All you need to do is to place the cursor on the line and press the following combinations:

– Shift+alt + heading number (Windows)
– Opt+Ctrl+heading number (Mac)

For example, you need your H3 title, and you work on Mac, Opt+Ctrl+3 is the right combination for you.

Add Links

Good news for those bloggers or website owners who are actively linking out to other content. WordPress can help you insert links without looking for the right links to add.

To cut it short, you can just click “Insert link,” select the text you want to link from your clipboard and then press Ctrl+V. The job is done.

Personalize Editor Toolbar

The work of the editor indeed requires personalization and adjustment of certain instruments on a toolbar. WordPress knows it and helps editors in all ways possible.

To make sure you have everything you need at hand, you can use a simple plugin like TinyMCE Advanced and expand the toolbar the way you see fit.

 fikret-tozak-Zk--Ydz2IAs-unsplashOrganize Editorial Workflow

If your website content is generated by freelancers who upload it directly, you may need to review, proofread and edit it before it gets published. To do that, use plugins like the Edit Flow plugin.

It helps to enable the Pending Review function. No text will get posted before you check and approve it. Moreover, it will rank these posts for you so that no article could be missed.

Check Keyboard Shortcuts

Your web development project can be completed quickly and with no extra effort if you use your keyboard to its maximum capacity. For example, you can moderate comments by using only keyboard shortcuts.

Go to WP Admin – Users – Your Profile and check the keyboard shortcuts available. Just memorize combinations that you use most often to speed up the process of moderation.

Edit Multiple Pictures at the Same Time

If you have no time to waste, uploading and editing each picture separately is not for you. Use tools like the NextGEN Gallery plugin to manage WordPress galleries and simplify the process of image uploading and editing.

With this tool on board, you can upload multiple pictures at once and edit them all together to fit your design. In addition, it allows adding watermarks and texts to all pictures together if you need them standardized.

Search Stock Pictures

Use ImageInject or other similar tools to make your search for a great stock picture easier. This plugin looks for free pics online using keywords and automatically adds them to your page. You don’t have to code. A picture’s URL goes exactly where it needs to be.

Several pictures can be added to the website at once. Moreover, the tool allows you to change the image and add tags if you need it.

Clean Your Dashboard

If you don’t do a clean-up on time, your dashboard will get pretty loaded soon. You’ll need to clean it from time to time. To do that, use “Screen Options” at the right corner of your dashboard. It can help to hide widgets and blocks that you don’t use as well as rearrange the ones you’ll need.

Apart from cleaning, you can also customize your admin interface. You can drag and drop widgets the way you need to work more effectively. However, customization doesn’t end here. You can change the way your panel looks by choosing a different color scheme for it.

Final Words

WordPress is all about plugins and tools that help developers and ease their job. Don’t ignore this software but make it benefit you. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Vivienne Bell has been a passionate writer for her entire life. Upon graduating from MIT’s Department of Linguistics and Philosophy she has found her path as a writer and editor at WritePaper. Helping others with her writing has been her life-long dream.

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