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The Data Loss Risks that Lie Between Web Apps and the Browser

July 12, 2021 No Comments

We tend to think that the security of SaaS is mostly the concern of SaaS vendors due to separation of responsibilities. SaaS vendors must maintain the security of their application—keep all elements patched up to date, implement their own security tools, and monitor for intrusion attempts. All the user has to do is make sure that no one steals their credentials.

How To Keep Your Data Safe While Using The Internet

July 12, 2021 No Comments

The internet is a boon for all of us. It’s a way to be entertained, a way to earn, and a way to connect with people from afar. Over the last couple of years, the internet has shown its worth as the pioneer of the digital world. While life-changing, it is far from being perfect and it still has a lot of problems especially for the regular user.

Is Cyber Insurance a Panacea for Ransomware Attacks?

July 9, 2021 No Comments

In early June, Joseph Blount was in an unenviable position. The CEO of Colonial Pipeline had to testify in front of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee as to how his company succumbed to a high profile cyber-attack that resulted in the total shutdown of a pipeline that provides fuel to much of the Eastern Seaboard. While in the hot seat, Blount was forced to defend his company’s payment of a 75 bitcoin ransom (roughly $4.3 million at the time) to the Russian criminal group DarkSide.

5 Ways To Mitigate Technology Risks In Business

July 2, 2021 No Comments

Businesses these days rely heavily on technology. From the development and management process to distribution and marketing, the use of technology is indispensable. Without technology, businesses will have a hard time delivering their services, and they likely won’t even be able to keep up with the competition.

Zero Trust vs. Perimeter-Based Security

July 2, 2021 No Comments

Nothing stays the same in cybersecurity, and that’s certainly true when it comes to the general approach and model many organizations are moving toward. There’s a term that’s not necessarily new, but largely because of the COVID-19 pandemic has become increasingly relevant—Zero Trust cybersecurity. With remote and dispersed employees, Zero Trust models are rapidly becoming the go-to.

Why Software Vendors Still Audit Their Customers

June 14, 2021 No Comments

Software license compliance audits remain a key part of the strategy for many of the world’s large software vendors. It is a practice that causes conflict between software providers and their customers and has made it necessary for Software Asset Management to grow into a multi-billion-dollar industry. Whilst a handful of vendors are beginning to pull back from full-scale invasive audits, the vast majority continue with this unpopular and relationship damaging practice.

Approov 2.7 Delivers “Shield Right” mobile app API security

June 11, 2021 No Comments

Approov has introduced Release 2.7 of the Approov API Shielding platform, which provides companies of all sizes new and leading-edge, affordable API cybersecurity protections for their mobile-based applications. It is ideal for both large hyperconnected organizations and those underserved smaller and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprises that were either priced out of application API cybersecurity solutions or were daunted by complex deployment with high overhead.

Top 5 Enterprise Technology Trends in 2021

May 25, 2021 No Comments

COVID-19 shook the world in a swift blow. People realized how it might take only a tiny virus to change everything in the blink of an eye. Business models collapsed within weeks after this virus spread across the globe. The one thing that the year 2020 taught all of us is to be prepared for unforeseen events. While some of the industries thrived, small enterprises jiggled badly last year as many of the merchants didn’t take technology seriously. To get back up in the market, they must rely on enterprise technology trends that are going to revolutionize the economic world.

XSOC Introduces SOCKET Designed to Protect Critical Infrastructure Components

May 16, 2021 No Comments

Several recent critical “zero-day” CVEs have been released that pertain to industrial IT/OT technology and critical infrastructure vendors such as Schneider Electric. The Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, perpetrated by the professional foreign hacking group “DarkSide” may be the unfortunate harbinger for a new wave of attacks targeting public utilities.

How to Protect Your Business from A Cyber Attack

May 16, 2021 No Comments

Despite all the goings-on of 2020, the U.S recorded 1,001 data breaches with a total of 155.8 million records exposed. Aside from the vulnerabilities cyber-attacks pose to businesses, their effects cost small businesses millions of dollars every year. Unfortunately, more than half of these businesses do not survive six months after an attack.

The Importance of Cybersecurity

May 6, 2021 No Comments

Cybersecurity protects networks, data, applications, and the users behind those systems. Hackers try to infiltrate these systems to gain access to sensitive code and data. Organizations must protect their data and code by putting the right cybersecurity measures in place. This prevents hackers from being able to access your applications and systems and stealing information that should remain confidential.

How to Secure Your Online Business

April 28, 2021 No Comments

When running a business online, it is imperative that your website is as safe and as secure as possible. This is because no matter how big or small your business is, you might be pervious to hacks. If you are either a security expert or someone starting an online business looking to make sure it’s very safe, this guide will outline five different ways to keep it as secure as possible. Read on now in order to learn all about it.

10 WordPress Hacks for Beginner Developers

April 15, 2021 No Comments

Since the world was hit by the pandemic, the majority of businesses has gone online. Because of it, the need for skilled website developers has soared. For many people, including students, this trend is nothing but a great chance to earn some cash and advance their computer skills.

3 Ways To Check The Vulnerability Of Your Networks

April 7, 2021 No Comments

Many businesses assume their network security is fine. But with the recent spate of data breaches and hacker attacks, no company can afford to be complacent with regards to network security. In 2020, the average cost of a data breach in the United States is USD $8.64 million. But more egregious is the number of records exposed as a result of data breaches—in 2020, the number reached 37 billion.

7 Ways To Protect Your Business Online

April 6, 2021 No Comments

Technological advancements have brought about many benefits. Among them is the ability to do business online. Having your business online has a wide range of advantages, and top among them all is a wider reach to customers. As a result, profitability is increased. Even so, there are many risks involved in having your business transacted over the internet. Such risks are internal or external attacks, financial fraud, malware, spyware, and many others. The main purpose of these is to cause harm to your computer systems or the company as a whole.

Top Tips to Protect Company Data

March 18, 2021 No Comments

We’ve seen a lot of major data breaches and leaks in recent years, with even some of the biggest brands on the planet being affected, and there are so many ways in which data can inadvertently fall into the wrong hands or even accidentally get deleted. This is why it’s vital for every business to invest in proper data protection, and this guide will show you how.

What Are The DFAR Cybersecurity Requirements

March 15, 2021 No Comments

One of the primary responsibilities of the Department of Defense (DoD) is to manage the military affairs of the United States. Although the DoD has enough workforce by itself, it’s not capable of handling all military matters, especially when it comes to the production of military assets. As such, the Department of Defense outsources most of its operations and relies on the support of defense contractors.

5 Ways Cyber Attacks Can Damage Your Business

March 15, 2021 No Comments

Businesses, both large and small, are constantly faced with the risk of cyber attacks. For businesses that become victims of cybercrimes, the cost is extremely high. In 2017 alone, economies across the globe lost over USD$600 billion to cyber attacks. This growing threat has forced businesses to regularly evaluate their cyber security frameworks.

What is the Angular framework?

March 10, 2021 No Comments

Frameworks for Javascript language are developing at a breakneck pace, so no programmer should be indifferent to them. One of the most popular frameworks is currently Angular with which you can read in detail in this article.

How Business Technology Has Improved Over The Years

March 4, 2021 No Comments

Technology made the proliferation of large companies possible; large companies today make technology indispensable. From the humblest business run by one person to humongous multi-national corporations employing thousands, technology is proving to be one crucial tool that any business of any size simply cannot do without. Since time immemorial, businesses have always used whatever technology is available, whether to improve production, to attract more customers, or to find new markets.

3 Tips to Successfully Implement a DLP Strategy

March 4, 2021 No Comments

Traditional cybersecurity strategies focus on external threats, protecting company networks and devices from cyberattacks, viruses and malware. However, this approach ignores one of the biggest weaknesses computers everywhere face: the people operating them. Whether malicious insiders, gullible or careless employees, the human factor is a constant vulnerability companies need to address for an effective cybersecurity strategy. And that is where Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions come into play.

SASE, the Future of SD-WAN and Network Security

March 2, 2021 No Comments

SASE is a new way of thinking about traditional WANs (wide area networks), SD-WAN, and network security. In this blog post, we will introduce the SASE (secure access service edge) concept, outline its pros and cons, and explore how SASE will impact the future of WAN prot

Top Cyber Security Tips That IT Professionals Should Tell Their Family and Friends

February 19, 2021 No Comments

Computer hackers have a treasure trove of tools they use to threaten your cybersecurity. While you might be an expert, remember that most people aren’t, especially people who do not use computers regularly. Unfortunately, there are millions of data breaches every year. These hackers know most people aren’t IT experts and do not have the best anti-virus software, Office Consumer-approved equipment, etc. They target internet users maliciously with scams that compromise their identity and personal information.

Latest IT Support and Services Technology

February 10, 2021 No Comments

IT support plays a huge part in making sure modern businesses stay functioning and continue their day to day roles. Anytime a system goes down or there is a technical problem involving a computer, network, or server it is the job of IT or tech support to fix this as soon as possible to avoid any financial loss or any damage to files and data. What areas do IT support cover in these challenging times and what is the technology that will be shaping how these services will continue?

Mobile healthcare apps expose patient data through API-focused mobile attacks, research shows

February 10, 2021 No Comments

Popular mobile health applications are vulnerable to API attacks that permit unauthorized access to full patient records including protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII), according to a new study from Approov and cybersecurity researcher Alissa Knight with Knight Media Ink.

How Technology is Transforming the Hiring Process in 2021

February 9, 2021 No Comments

Rapidly developing technology is a defining catalyst for change across all industries, and job recruitment is no different. Big tech has wholly upended the hiring process as we know it in the last ten years. If you consider that people used to hand out resumes in person and big corporations put job ads in newspapers, the impact technology has had on hiring is impressive.

What Are The Different Types Of Malware?

February 5, 2021 No Comments

More popularly known as malware, malicious software has been the bane of all laptop, computer, and even smartphone users. However, despite the insidious nature of this potentially dangerous code, there are things you can do to protect your digital devices against individuals or groups behind such software. Knowing about malware is one way to prevent yourself from falling prey to such cyber threats.

Ways to Improve Cyber-Security for Your Business

January 26, 2021 No Comments

The power of modern technology has completely changed the game for businesses across the world. While companies of the past had to make do with the limited technology of the times, today’s businesses can make use of modern innovations, from state of the art smartphones to social media marketing and scalable cloud storage to hit their goals and grow their brand.

Key Benefits of Endpoint Management

January 26, 2021 No Comments

With the rate of cyber-attacks hitting new heights in recent years, it’s more important than ever before for every business, great and small, to take cyber-security seriously. Whether you’re running a simple start-up or a vast multinational corporation, protecting your data, devices, customers, and connections can make a massive difference to your company’s standing in today’s world.

Why Your Business Needs an Interactive Application

January 25, 2021 No Comments

Interactivity is the principle by which information exchange takes place between all elements of the system. Simply put, it is similar to simple communication when the further remark of the interlocutor depends on your answer and vice versa. This can be contrasted with classical lectures, where those present can only listen and are not given the right to ask questions. It’s not interactivity.