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12 Benefits of CMMS in a Management Setting

June 9, 2020 No Comments

Featured article by Stepheny Johnson, content writer at FeedFond

CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management System is a software system that helps organizations in maintaining their day to day operations. It is also sometimes referred to as the Computerized Management Information System. The system acts as a one-stop solution to planning, tracking, and optimizing managerial activities among other things.

Benefits of CMMS

CMMS is a popular choice in the management sector these days. There is so much functionality for so little work that it is practically a no-brainer. There are many CMMS software to choose from. Axxerion is a popular software designer that has one of the best CMMS currently available in the market.

Axxerion offers a cloud-based CMMS that you can control from your computer or even a smartphone. Just to highlight how effective a CMMS can be for your business, below is a list of benefits.

1. Downtime Reduction

Downtime is a common occurrence for any business. There are so many moving parts that it is hard to keep all of them working at the same time. Consequently, there is downtime and a loss of productivity. A CMMS can help keep track of all aspects of your business so that everything flows smoothly.

2. Reduce Maintenance Backlog

In the grand scheme of running a business, a maintenance backlog can pile up. A part of it cannot be avoided, but as the backlog grows, your whole operation can come under threat. Keeping a close tab on all kinds of maintenance backlog can be a daunting task. Here, a CMMS can keep track of all the minor details so nothing can escape your attention. It can also automatically assign maintenance tasks on the basis of priority.

3. Track Aging Assets

Every asset has a depreciated value. The longer they are used, the more they are likely to develop faults. Machine parts rust and break over time as well. According to Reuters, the average age of machine parts are the highest since 1940. This is a serious cause of concern as faulty equipment can lead to workplace accidents. CMMS software can track how long each asset has been performing and to what extent. CMMS software can also schedule fixes or even replacements.

4. A Repairman’s Best Friend

Any time your equipment breaks down, you want to get it fixed and running as quickly as you can. Now as the boss, you probably do not have time to run around and find these faulty machines yourself. On the other hand, a machine not working means downtime. So, you hire repairmen.

The CMMS software can be really helpful here as repairmen can track the status of all equipment and fix anything broken immediately. The CMMS software provides a total breakdown of all equipment available including the location of spare parts.

5. Inventory Control

In any business, inventory control has to be given special attention. Keeping track of the number of goods and supplies is important. Is production going to stop soon because supplies will run out? Are there too many products waiting to be sold?

These are questions you want immediate answers to. CMMS will help you monitor all things inventory. You can track purchases and sales. It can even make preset timed decisions on your behalf based on the quantitative data provided.

6. Say Goodbye to Rework and Scrap

Reworking or scrapping a project can turn into a nightmarish experience. It takes up a large chunk of time and increases the time spent by the workers, and all the associated costs come out of your pocket. All of this hassle can be avoided with preventative maintenance.

CMMS software has built-in features that can tell you in advance when something is about to go wrong. They can schedule tasks for the entire production team even if there is a hitch on the road.

7. Keep Track of Maintenance Costs

Every business incurs maintenance costs on a daily basis. In light of all that has been discussed above, you want to keep incidental costs at a minimum. Maintenance costs are no exception to that. In order for your business to run effectively, maintenance must be conducted regularly.

This also includes labor and equipment costs. Always keep in mind that planned maintenance costs less than reactive maintenance. With CMMS software, you can get early expense indications and allocate your money accordingly.

8. CMMS Can Help Save Energy

Energy and maintenance costs go hand in hand. The more equipment you have, the larger your energy cost will be. This is further exacerbated if the equipment is aging. Well-maintained equipment performing at their peak will give you the most bang for your buck. CMMS software can keep track of how much energy each equipment consumes. From one glance, you can figure out if a machine needs repairing or replacing.

9. Streamline Schedules

A great benefit of CMMS software is that it can make up schedules for your staff. You can also have it assign overtime wherever needed. Planning schedules ahead of time can save time and reduce downtime.

10. Complete Automation

Automation is the other name of CMMS. Controlling every aspect of a business can be daunting. There are lots of things to pay attention to, and eventually, it can become a burden. You can have a CMMS software automatically take care of minor things like scheduling, incidental costs, and more. This frees you to pay attention to the big picture stuff.

11. Easier Access to Resources

Resources need to go to the proper place fast if production is to be maintained. A CMMS software turns the whole process into a centralized system where the staff does not have to go through hoops in order to acquire resources. The software automatically allocates resources to the correct place so the staff can begin work immediately.

12. Comprehensive Reports

CMMS software will generate automated reports on everything under its control. From maintenance costs to scheduling, the CMMS has it covered. You can get a comprehensive overview of what is happening in your business from one source.

Juggling numerous responsibilities can be a daunting task. Investing in CMMS software can be one of the best decisions you make as a manager. You will start to reap all the benefits mentioned above almost immediately.

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