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IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: Getting the Most Out of Open Source While Managing License Compliance, Risk, and Security

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15 Benefits Of Cloud Management Suites That Will Change Your Perspective On Your Business

October 10, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Cathy Carter, Independent Technology Author

Cloud management suites can do a number of things for you and your business. There are 15 tips listed below that show you what the suite can do for you. You can buy your next software program using these tips, and you will find something that works perfectly for your business.

1. Lower Costs

When you are shopping for a cloud management suite, you want to keep your costs down. You can purchase a program suite for less, and you will spend less only managing your cloud. When the program helps organize your cloud, you are not overspending on management.

2. Reliability

The cloud management system is more reliable than asking your IT team to do everything on their own. You can expect that the system will be easy to use and ready to go when you need to access the cloud.

3. Easy-To-Change Capacity

You can change the capacity of the system at any time. You can expand or retract your system as needed. Plus, you do not need to continue buying new programs every time your company changes.

4. Flexible Structure

You can organize the structure of the program to suit your needs. Some programs need to be organized in a new way because your cloud is completely unique.

5. Scalability

You can scale your management suite to meet the needs of your business. When you get started, you decide how expansive the system needs to be. If you need to add more portals for remote access, increase security, or add folders for storage, you can do so.

6. Lower Server Costs

You will spend less money on servers because the cloud management system keeps junk out of the system. There are many companies that overspend on server maintenance because their servers have not been cleaned up or managed properly. You also need to consider how many servers you need when using proper cloud management. You can cut back on your new server purchases because cloud management systems are efficient.

7. Agility

The cloud management system loads much faster and can change easily. You can reprogram parts of the cloud to suit your purposes, and you could ask your IT team to do anything you want to upgrade the cloud.

8. Better Security

You can improve your security based on the concerns that you have. The cloud management system can be adapted to run any sort of security program you need. Plus, new suites have better security installed. The security software is updated often to stop new viruses or malware that may have been detected.

9. Easier Usage

You can use the cloud management system to do anything you need. Plus, you can teach everyone on your staff to use the cloud system. You are not wasting your time trying to train a few people who barely understand the program.

10. Create Global Zones

You can create global zones for access, and you can even create global zones to house your website. The cloud allows you to go global much more quickly when you can organize everything properly.

11. Easier Migration

You can migrate data during a merger with ease, and you can use the management suite to value the data that you possess.

12. Lower Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint will drop quite quickly once you have installed the cloud management system. You can reduce the running costs for the servers, and you can manage your business in a paperless fashion.

13. Better Mobility

You can take the cloud anywhere that you want. The management program can be used on any mobile device, and the company can operate on mobile devices if you would like to stop using desktops.

14. Easier Recovery

You can recover from disaster much more easily when you have access to the cloud. The cloud backs itself up, and you can get into the backups with no trouble. Because the cloud can back itself up, any device that is attached to the cloud can be recovered using the data that was saved to the cloud.

15. More Automation

You can automate much of what your company does by using the cloud. There are a number of companies that lose money every day because they waste man-hours doing things that a computer program can do. When you use the cloud to automate your business’ functions, and you can set up the cloud to include more new functions every day.

Each of the 15 benefits listed above could lead you to buy into a cloud management system. Set up your cloud using the system that you believe offers the most benefits as explained here. You should remember that the cloud helps you save money, expand your business, customize your storage, and recover from disaster. Plus, the cloud is updated often to help improve security.



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