2019 Chatbot Predictions Report

At Rulai, we’ve built a next-gen platform, one that is based on our deep AI expertise to be able to handle non-linear conversations, and one that gives the power of AI in the hands of non-technical business users who can design and launch bots with minimal use of precious IT resources.

So, where do we see the market going? We discuss five key trends:

    1. Demise of the dumb bot.
    2. Rule-based bots that don’t use AI are on their way to the graveyard.
    3. Chatbots meet Robotic Process Automation.
    4. Chatbots can now be used to automate key business processes     while providing a natural conversational interface.
    5. Successful chatbot deployments will be dependent on having the     right people and right design frameworks.

Designing a conversational system is very different from designing a website or an app. Self-improving AI will lead to bots requiring less training data. This will make bots even more useful faster. Virtual assistants will begin to match the personality of their users. Advanced sentiment analysis will allow bots to adapt in real-time.

Download our 2019 predictions white paper to learn more about the trends that will define the conversational computing space in 2019.
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