2019 State of Corporate Law Departments Report

Today’s corporations need law departments to provide legal support that enables them to maximize their competitive advantage, while at the same time safeguarding the organization against unnecessary risk. Yet, many corporate law departments are faced with dynamic and wide-ranging problems, and the solutions require a highly diverse set of skills and capabilities. Teams of lawyers alone are no longer enough to solve all problems in optimal ways.

A new report, State of Corporate Law Departments 2019 — published by Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute, the International Bar Association (IBA), the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), and UK-based legal research firm Acritas — assesses the landscape for corporate law departments and finds that in order to maximize the value of the legal services delivered, corporate law departments need to pay as much attention to improving the impact of those legal services as they do to reducing the cost of those services.

Get this complimentary report to learn ways to improve the performance of your law department including:

    • Five key improvement levers in creating a high performing legal function

    • Key take-aways to building innovation through modern technology and metrics

    • Four focus areas in developing a modern legal department that demonstrates clear contribution to shareholder value
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