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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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3 Reasons Slideshows are Excellent Social Media Content for Businesses

May 29, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Louis Pasture, Independent Technology Author

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When you think about creating content for your business to publish on social media, you will probably immediately gravitate towards videos, or images. Slideshows may not even be on your radar – but they should be.

To be perfectly honest slideshow videos are an excellent type of social media content. It helps to understand why that is the case, and will let you see how you can take advantage of them.

Next Best Thing to Video

The best way to think of slideshows is as the next best thing to videos. As a type of audiovisual content they share many of its advantages, and have excellent potential to engage viewers on social media.

Although the visuals in slideshows may not have as big an impact as conventional videos seeing as they’re static – they can definitely come close. It is important that you are creative in how you use them however, and try to find ways to visually put across the points and message that you want to deliver.

In terms of the audio, slideshows can stand toe-to-toe with conventional videos. It is up to you whether you use an audio voiceover to narrate the content or add background music.

Keep in mind that many social media videos are watched on mute, so you may not want to lean too heavily on a voiceover to deliver the message of your slideshow.

Easy to Create

Overall it isn’t difficult to create slideshows and it won’t take long to put one together. All that you really need is slideshow software that lets you add the images and customize the slides that you want them to contain.

The only aspect of creating slideshows that can be challenging is acquiring the visual assets that you want to use. That being said there are lots of options that you could use to simplify that, including capturing photos of your own, creating simple diagrams, or even outsourcing graphic design.

Compared to conventional videos you can definitely plan and create a slideshow video far more easily and likely with fewer complications along the way as well.

One way that you can quickly put together a slideshow video is with Movavi Slideshow Maker. It is a very user-friendly slideshow maker with music built-in, and its tools will let you edit the visual assets, apply effects, insert text elements, and more.


A big part of the appeal of creating slideshow videos is the fact that they are far more budget-friendly than conventional videos. Even if you are outsourcing graphic design or purchasing audio and visual assets – it will still work out cheaper than what is typically spent on a video.

For small businesses in particular, this reason is one of the most compelling benefits of slideshows as social media content. It will let you stretch your budget and create more content that you can publish.

In fact if necessary you can produce a slideshow video for next to nothing by using pre-existing visual assets or creating them yourself. Suffice to say you don’t actually have to spend a single cent – outside of the software that you purchase.


All in all you should be able to see exactly why slideshows are a very good option for businesses. Not only are they a type of content that can be produced inexpensively, quickly and easily – but they also bring most of the benefits of videos to the table.

To put it simply slideshows with let you regularly create and publish the content on social media so that you can engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

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