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4 Ways To Enhance Your Customer Care Team’s Performance in 2022

March 16, 2022 No Comments

Featured article by Russell Emmental, Independent Technology Author

Performance is one aspect that’s constantly scrutinized in any business. There are always improvements to be made that will increase profit and productivity. Therefore, investing in your team is essential.

If you’re looking for tips on how to enhance your customer care team’s performance, look no further. We’ll outline our top 4 ways to improve customer care performance in 2022.


1. Invest in High-Quality Training Software

The most significant thing you can do to improve your team’s performance is to invest in high-quality training software. You want to investigate exactly what’s happening with your agents and how best to support them.

It’s crucial to figure out how satisfied your customers are – the most prevalent method today is to measure CSAT scores. This calculates overall customer satisfaction with your service. From there, you can increase Zendesk CSAT scores to ensure that your team has done everything they possibly can.

Invest in top-quality software for your team and see how scores improve.

2. Utilize Microsoft Teams For Effective Communication 

A lot more time than we realize can be better spent online communicating with our team. Following the pandemic, we’ve found many businesses have made the change to working remotely.

An effective way to improve communication with your team virtually is to use Microsoft Teams. This application allows specific threads to be created and followed without fear of being off-topic. It offers an excellent way to set goals and make all information accessible by sharing files. This means your team won’t spend valuable time searching for information since it will all be in one place for everyone to access.

3. Revamp Staff Meetings

We’ve heard time and time again how meetings can be a complete waste of time. Every minute spent chit-chatting is a minute that could be spent in more productive ways. Instead, consider having short, spontaneous meetings once or twice a day. Call everyone into the conference room at 2 pm as opposed to the usual 8 am routine meeting.

Also, find ways to incorporate microlearning into your meetings. This offers an enjoyable way to tackle important information in a short period of time. Microlearning can take the form of short videos emailed to your team or a brief 5-minute presentation tackling weekly goals. The goal here is to spend minimal time in meetings but walk away with the same information you would have received in a 2-hour conference call.

4. Automate Customer Follow-Ups

It’s difficult to have customers pick up the phone when they’re busy with their daily schedules. It can take a handful of phone calls to follow up with a client. The best solution to this issue is to automate customer follow-ups. It’s easy to send an email or survey asking for feedback which they can complete at a time that suits them. Feedback is so crucial. It’s a sure-fire way to understand what’s working and what needs improvement. Plus, most customers prefer filling out an anonymous survey on their own time than being put on the spot through a phone call survey.

In turn, this saves your team time spent phoning to receive fruitless results. If you don’t hear back, your system can simply send the customer a reminder. Using technology in this way is ideal for saving your team time spent doing something else.

The Bottom Line

Overall, having satisfied customers is the end goal, but the best way to do this is to invest in your team to boost their productivity. Support your team’s performance, whether it’s through high-quality training software, shorter meetings, or automated follow-up emails.

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