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4 Ways To Ensure Successful Remote Working

August 4, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Lily Sanders, Independent Technology Author


Gone are the days when everyone has to work outside of their house to earn money. With the technological advancements today, people can now work remotely right in the comforts of their homes.

Because people don’t need to be physically present in an office, managers and team leaders now have the added responsibility to ensure everyone successfully finishes their projects or tasks. Managing remote teams can be challenging, but supervisors can apply various techniques to help the team optimize their productivity.

If you’re managing a remote working team, here are some ways to ensure their success:

1. Set Expectations And Goals Early

As a team leader or manager, it’s your responsibility to set guidelines your team should follow when they’re working. You should also set your expectations regarding team performance. How many hours a day do you expect them to work on a task? Do you expect them to message you once they log in? You should be clear with the rules if you want to have successful remote workers.

Aside from that, you should also set your goals early on. This is important if your team is working on a project. It’d help if you’ve established a project roadmap, so your team will know specific deadlines and how much they’re expected to deliver in a given period.

2. Check-In With Your Team Regularly

Remote working may be challenging, especially that you can’t roam around the floor to ask people about any urgent questions or concerns. To allow maximum efficiency and effectiveness, you should always communicate with your team to ask them about their progress and if there’s anything you can do to help.

Checking in with your team regularly is also critical because it’ll give you an idea if a member of the team is struggling with a task or not. This is an excellent opportunity to mentor their members while ensuring they’re productive in their current work setup.

Aside from sending out emails or reminders on calendars, you should have video conference calls. This is an opportunity where you can have daily short meetings, which is essential because your team will need to provide you with their progress regarding their assigned tasks.

3. Use Tracking Software

There are different types of tracking software you can use to manage your remote working team successfully, and one of which is the time tracking software. This software offers real-time details of how an employee utilizes company time, and it’s especially useful for remote working employees as it eliminates any possibilities of misplacing data or inaccuracies. Other time trackers provide information like how much time your workers spend on a specific task or project.

Another widely used tracking software is project management software. This can assist in planning, coordinating, and managing resources to produce more accurate resource estimates. The software also has a central online database that includes project tracking, calendars, email notifications, project scheduling, and completion details.


4. Provide Ways To Promote Collaboration

A group of people working together can create new ideas, develop better approaches, improve methods, solve problems, and even share responsibility. For a firm, collaboration means more than just exchanging notes as it also means giving your team members tasks they can efficiently execute, getting them on track and ensuring job satisfaction. That’s why it’s essential to provide your teams with ways to promote collaboration.

There are tools you can use to ensure your team is working together. You can use your existing project management software, so you can track which members are working together. You can also use a different communication software where your team members can give ideas or insights on the groups’ projects.

You can also emphasize the importance of collaboration during your meetings with your team. Delegate tasks to people who you think can work together or give incentives to people who can provide good suggestions on improving the work. Your remote workers must understand that collaboration is an essential part of your team’s success.

Final Thoughts

Managing remote teams can be difficult if you don’t use the right strategies to ensure your team’s success. When you learn how to manage your remote teams effectively, you’ll find that they can work more efficiently and contribute to your overall business strategy effectively.

You can be a successful manager if you set your expectations and goals with the team early on and check on them from time to time to ensure they’re working efficiently. Using tracking software will also help you determine their progress when you can’t set a meeting with them. Lastly, to ensure your team’s success, you should promote collaboration and encourage your team members to voice suggestions, concerns, and ideas.

Lily Sanders

Lily Sanders is a human resource manager. She has been assisting employees for more than three decades in various stages of various employment processes. During her spare time, she shares her thoughts and experiences through blogging. Lily loves to cook, swim, and travel. She is married with two kids.


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