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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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4 Ways to Make Your Life Easier with IT Applications for Small Businesses

May 25, 2022 No Comments

Featured article by Russell Emmental, Independent Technology Author

Man phone

Improving customer engagement is central to any growth strategy for a small business. But let’s face it; this factor is rarely prioritized over other pressing matters, like staffing issues, order/refund processing, and general business management.

Instead of letting your engagement fall at the wayside, why not use some software solutions designed to make connecting with customers easier?

It works in two ways:

1. Using IT applications to improve the customer experience
2. Using software to enhance staff training and customer interactions

Here’s how you can make the essential upgrades.

1. Use a Virtual Agent

Long waiting times on the phone are frustrating for customers. It’s even more annoying when they get through to the wrong department. What causes this? Often, it’s unclear instructions about whom they should be calling.

Introducing a virtual agent can make this process much more efficient. A virtual agent can:

– Help direct customer inquiries to the appropriate department

– Answer simple queries with intelligent speech recognition

– Let the customer know if they could find the answer to their query faster online

This can significantly reduce waiting times, as customers are directed to separate queues rather than placed into a generic “all-purpose” queue. When they get through, they can be confident they’re speaking to the right person, which will make the interaction go more smoothly and vastly reduce your customer complaints.

This also reduces the workload for your staff. It means they can spend more time helping customers find the right solution and less explaining that call waiting times are long because you’re so busy. This will improve staff morale, which creates a more engaging customer experience.

2. Improve Call Monitoring

Call monitoring software can help identify common areas where you lose sales or where there’s confusion between staff and customers. It saves you from sifting through hundreds of calls looking for mistakes. Identifying frequent stumbling blocks in calls can also tell you where you need to retrain your staff.

Call monitoring isn’t about snooping; it’s about developing your staff and helping them do their jobs more effectively – everyone likes being good at their job! Good monitoring software will help you build your staff’s confidence and competence and save you time troubleshooting.

3. Automate Staff Feedback

Another great strategy for learning where your staff needs more training is to automate staff feedback. Regular automated reviews allow your team to make their feelings known and report areas they’re struggling with.

Your team will perform better if they feel that you’re listening to them. An annual job satisfaction survey isn’t close to enough. You need to give them every opportunity to report back so that you can offer bespoke training and support where it’s needed most.

4. Improve Online Customer Feedback Systems

Customer feedback is the most valuable insight you can get. Whether you’re being flooded with one-star reviews complaining that customers were on hold for an hour or receiving occasional observations about how your website could be more intuitive – this is what your customers are feeling. You might not like it, but they’re the ones who decide whether you make a profit.

Improving your online and automated customer feedback forms is mandatory. Making the feedback private is also a great way to reduce the number of public complaints you receive – give your customers every opportunity to speak to your discretely before they take it to Yelp or Twitter. Encourage feedback and be responsive. This will significantly increase engagement and customer satisfaction.

Verdict: Automate to Improve the Human Experience

Automation through software isn’t meant to replace your staff; it’s designed to help them deliver a better customer experience. Put intelligent technologies into place, make your business more streamlined, and see the benefits of a well-trained staff helping out satisfied customers.

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