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6 Mobile Apps Development Trends For 2021

March 15, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Amanda Dudley, lecturer and essay writer at EssayUSA


Since the first smartphone was invented, the world has experienced a trajectory of technological advances and trends. Today, the mobile app development industry is booming, with each company trying to stay on top of the competition by introducing new trends and features. From essay writing service apps to food delivery applications, there’s really no end to the technology advancements that end users are faced with.

As such, staying up to date with the latest applications trends is a great strategy for having a competitive advantage and improving customer satisfaction.

Ready for the next wave of database trends and applications? Here are some mobile app development trends to expect before 2021 runs out:

Internet of Things (IoT) Integration

The IoT has been in existence for over a decade now. However, thanks to the exponential rise in mobile technology, a whole new world of opportunities faces the Internet of Things.

The IoT simply refers to the interrelated system of computing devices connected to the internet. In today’s world, almost anything is possible with IoT. For instance, mobile apps can be used to control home appliances and fixtures such as security systems and thermostats.

According to statistical projections, the Internet of Things is expected to grow steadily in the next few years. Further studies have also projected that the global IoT market may reach $222 billion in 2021.

As such, we are expecting to see an increase in IoT integration worldwide. The top trends include:

– IoT in healthcare

– Self-driving cars

– AI-driven IoT devices

The household, automobiles, and healthcare industries will probably experience more of IoT integration.

Apps for foldable devices

In the early 2000s, flip phones were all the rage. However, this trend fizzled out, only to resurface within the past few years. Brands like Samsung and Huawei are now reeling out smartphones with folding displays and this trend doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.

Although the folding display is an exciting feature, it poses a new challenge for mobile app developers. Developers now need to take this feature into account when building an app. Mobile apps should be able to seamlessly and instantly adjust their display once the screen folds or unfolds.

With the steady rise of foldable devices, 2021 will definitely see more apps that are optimized for this new breed of smartphones.


In 2020, the global media was agog with news of the 5G mobile network infiltrating the technological market. The number of 5G smartphones is expected to double in 2021 and this will have a major impact on 2021 app trends.

The arrival of 5G is expected to boost network efficiency and the functionality of mobile apps. Consequently, this will enable developers to add extra features to apps without having to compromise the app’s performance.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence has already begun to take root in mobile app development several years ago. For instance, we can see several AI features in modern app technology, such as voice search, chatbots, face unlock and so on.

However, in 2021, AI will penetrate even deeper into the smartphone market. Asides from the already existing AI technology, the world will see other trends like voice translations and AI-based cameras.

Other AI features that can be integrated into mobile apps in 2021 include:

– Face detection

– Predictive maintenance

– Text and image classification

With Artificial intelligence, the mobile app development industry will definitely witness a positive and efficient overhaul.


Chatbots have also been in existence for several years now. However, in recent times, they have evolved and gone through several advancements. In fact, modern consumers prefer using sites or applications that have integrated the chatbot feature.

Unfortunately, not many apps have utilized this feature. This will change in 2021 though thanks to the steady rise of the global chatbot market. In no distant time, chatbots will infiltrate the mobile app development industry and completely revolutionize it.

Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented Reality has been in existence for a few years and will shoot up in 2021. Today, many mobile applications are integrating AR into their functionality.

For instance, L’Oreal Paris uses AR in their leading app, Style My Hair.

Final Thoughts

The mobile app development industry is constantly evolving and advancing. Despite the hurdles thrown at most industries by the COVID-19 pandemic, this industry has adapted and is now integrating more cutting-edge features to enhance customer satisfaction. In fact, the future of mobile app development seems to be bright from all indications.

As a developer, it is important to build trends and equally stay on top of new trends to have a competitive advantage over other brands. Based on research and statistical projections, these six trends will shape the app development market in 2021 and probably beyond. Hopefully, more developers will begin to integrate these trends into their mobile apps as time goes on.


Amanda Dudley is a lecturer and writer with a Ph.D in History from Stanford University. Over the years, she has worked as a lecturer, teaching students and enhancing their academic results.

She currently works as an essay writer at EssayUSA, where she delivers high-quality term papers and academic projects for students.


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