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6 Useful Tools for Amazon Sellers

June 29, 2020 No Comments

Featured article by Russell Emmental, Independent Technology Author

Selling your products on Amazon seems daunting, as it is one of the largest online shopping platforms available that has ever existed. Millions of items are sold on Amazon everyday, so listing your things can feel pointless when there are so many competitors.

But that doesn’t mean this large marketplace should stop you from becoming a seller; you just need to use the Amazon FBA program (which stands for fulfillment by Amazon).


FBA is essential for any business, regardless of size. Amazon has a global reach beyond almost any other company, and their fulfillment network is top-notch. With FBA, you can gain insight into ways to sell items quickly against competitors.

So what can you, as a seller, do to improve your chances once you have enrolled in the FBA program? Here are a few tips and tools.

1. Browser Extensions

There are so many different Amazon-related browser extensions, particularly for Chrome, which is one of the top browsers used today. Some can track prices for products in a similar niche to yours, while others can help you determine the right keywords and marketing strategies. Some make it easier to track all of your important data in one place.

There is a list of reliable FBA extensions found at When you’re preparing to sell, these tools are invaluable.

2. Inventory Tools

Inventory Lab is an example of an app or software that tracks your inventory as it leaves or arrives at the Amazon warehouse. Though Amazon can track your inventory, these updates don’t come every time there is a change in product number. With this tool, you will always know how much you have left or have sold, and when you need to restock.

3. Amazon Seller Central App

Amazon Seller Centralis great for sellers because it can tell you how much you have sold in a given timeframe, a percent sales increase or decrease over a certain time, and it can also be used to check prices and scan items.

You will know when your product has sold and how it could affect overall profits in the future. Basically, all the tools you need are in one convenient app.

4. FeedbackExpress

FeedbackExpress is a software designed to help you get reviews and feedback on your products. Reviews are particularly important for first time sellers and recently launched products, as it gives other potential buyers a chance to see what you are all about.

FeedbackExpress can send automatic review requests after selling, so you are more likely to get the feedback you are hoping for.

5. Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a software designed to help with marketing and sales set-up. There are settings for product launches and listing creations. In particular, there is a tool called Market Intelligence that gives sellers an idea of market trends. Use these tools and information to create better ads and marketing plans.

6. Keepa

This is considered one of the “original” FBA seller tools. It tracks prices for certain product niches, creates graphs for better visuals, and can alert you of price drops and stock changes.

It keeps your shop data organized, provides insight on other successful FBA shops, and lets you know how you should alter your product prices when needed. Many consider this information boring, but it gives you an advantage over your competition.

Which Tool Will You Try?

Using the FBA program takes a huge weight off your shoulders, but it doesn’t completely absolve you of promoting your items. With the right tools and ideas, you can truly make Amazon’s massive platform work in your favor.

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