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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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7 Areas of Business Web Design You Need to Perfect

May 25, 2022 No Comments

Featured article by John Moral

web design

With all the stiff competition on the internet, you cannot take a chance of having an ordinary website. These seven tips will show you how to design your website better so your prospective customers can find you easily.

Nowadays, an online presence is crucial for all businesses, even for the physical stores that don’t have an e-commerce website. Thanks to the available website creation tools on the internet, designing a website is now accessible.

Here are the areas of business web design you need to perfect.

Mobile Responsiveness

Making your website mobile responsive is vital for your website to be effective. According to Statista, an average adult spends about five to six hours on their smartphones daily. A business site must provide a positive user experience, as most online shoppers use their phones to place orders.

If prospective clients land on your website but find it hard to navigate or read via phones, they may quickly abandon you and favor your competitor. Use these website trends to make your website friendly to all customers.

Have a Logo

When you think about the factors that go into creating a logo, you might think it’s not worth the investment. It would help if you never listened to the voice that tells you a logo is not essential. Designing a custom logo and uploading it to your business website is vital to making your brand unique and successful.

A logo grabs attention, creates a solid first impression, distinguishes you from the competition, makes you memorable, fosters brand loyalty, and acts as your brand identity’s foundation.


A study by Digital shows that one in two visitors leaves a website that will not load in about six seconds. So, ensure the site runs fast by optimizing videos and images, updating the software, and using a web host that can endure substantial bandwidth demands.

The Call to Action

Every webpage should entice the visitors to do something. In general, you should provide a call to action. All landing pages must encourage readers to take any action, such as buying a product, registering for a service, contacting your company, or doing something that benefits the company’s objectives.

Have a Simple Design

Use minimal GIFs, colors, and fonts to avoid distracting their attention. Bullet points and short paragraphs make the website information easy to read and scannable. If possible, ensure that paragraphs don’t have more than six lines.


Inaccurate information is a turn-off for customers, be it outdated product information, wrong contact number, or even simple grammatical errors. Always proofread all web pages before publishing. Also, check them regularly after making any changes to ensure their accuracy.

Keep the Pages Clear

If a website has uncluttered information, it overloads the reader’s mind, making it hard to retain the information. So, use a good balance of graphics text to make the website clean.

What Should You Include on Your Business Website?

All businesses should incorporate crucial information, such as who you are, how customers can contact you, and what you do. Your website should also comprise the products and services you sell. Also, give your clients an easy way to purchase from you.

You might also publish mission statements, testimonials, reviews, and new blogs that offer helpful information about the industry and company.

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