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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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7 Best Mobile Phones in 2020

July 3, 2020 No Comments

Featured article by Sophie, Independent Technology Author


In our modern, tech-driven age, who can survive without their beloved mobile phone? Our phones are now intrinsic part of our daily lives, going far beyond simply being a device to make calls. Not only do we use our phones to communicate in a wide range of ways from emails to instant messages, but they also let us watch videos, look up important information, keep track of appointments and even support our lifestyles and wellbeing by helping us meditate or reminding us to drink more water.

In 2020, there are a large range of amazing smart phones available. So how do you know which is right for you? Let’s dive in.

1. OnePlus 8 Pro

The OnePlus 8 Pro has been widely acclaimed as the best Android phone on the market, and we would argue the best of any phone currently available. The OnePlus 8 Pro comes with a stunning, high-resolution 120Hz display that delivers a superfast refresh rate and silky smooth scrolling. This high performing smartphone also has a 48MP ultrawide rear camera, long battery life and a powerful CPU. With all of these features and benefits but an affordable price tag that is less than any Samsung Galaxy S20 model, this phone gets our number one pick!

2. iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is a versatile, high-performing phone that will suit the needs of most people. Its powerful A13 Bionic CPU delivers fast and effortless performance and the battery will last longer than most phones. It has a stunning dual camera that performs particularly well in night mode, as well as having a cutting edge ultra-wide lens. The front camera has a special automatic wide view in landscape mode, which is great for selfies. It also comes in six colours so you can accessorise your phone however you like! The 11 may not be the cheapest model around, but you can find some great mobile phone deals online.

3. Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung has been a major player in the smartphone market for some time, and are known for their high-quality phones. The Galaxy S20 represents everything we love about Samsung: it’s versatile, reliable, and packed with features. The S20 also stands out for its screen, which has a 120Hz refresh rate with superior scrolling and gameplay. The battery life is reasonably good, though not as long as the two models above, but the Galaxy S20 also offers wireless charging and reverse power share that lets you charge a friend’s device. The S20 is also available in the Plus version which is essentially the same as the Samsung Galaxy S20, only larger.

4. Oppo Find X2 Pro

Oppo has been an emerging smartphone brand over recent years, and the Find X2 Pro rivals the top Samsung models. The Oppo Find X2 Pro has a cristal-clear, sharp screen, a large amount of storage, and superfast charging speeds. Another big plus of the Find X2 Pro is that it is 5G enabled, putting it ahead of many other models currently on the market, including the iPhone 11. On the downside, this is not the cheapest phone around, and it only allows a single sim.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Another Samsung Galaxy model that makes the list as one of 2020’s best smartphones is the Note 10 Plus. The big advantage of this model is that it has an S pen stylus that can be used on its huge 6.8 inch display screen. The screen is not only very large, but it also offers a superior display. The Note 10 also has a long battery life and Bluetooth connectivity. The large screen also means that the phone itself is very large, which may be a downside for some users.

6. Xiaomi Mi Note 10

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is a reliable, features-rich, and above all affordable Android phone. This model has a stand-out camera and superior screen quality. This phone also charges very quickly, a fingerprint sensor and a stunning 6.47 inch display. All of these features come at a much lower price tag than many of the phones on this list, making it a great budget choice.

7. Motorola Edge Plus

The Motorola Edge Plus is a premium Android phone with 5G capability. The Edge Plus has a superior chipset, a large battery and a stunning screen with a fast refresh rate. Its cameras are not only top-quality, but it also has multiple rear cameras for better and more versatile shots.

About the Author: Sophie is a professional blogger and writer who specializes in modern design and all things web development. She is passionate about traveling and exploring new places.

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