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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Approov 2.7 Delivers “Shield Right” mobile app API security

June 11, 2021 No Comments

By Peter Kelley


Decisive mobile app security for enterprises and for the underserved SMB sector, often

priced out of more complex solutions

Approov has introduced Release 2.7 of the Approov API Shielding platform, which provides companies of all sizes new and leading-edge, affordable API cybersecurity protections for their mobile-based applications.

It is ideal for both large hyperconnected organizations and those underserved smaller and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprises that were either priced out of application API cybersecurity solutions or were daunted by complex deployment with high overhead. Approov 2.7 delivers:

– Instant, immediate effective shielding of mobile app APIs and protection from the costs of fraud, without demands on in-house talent to implement and sustain complex back-end solutions,

– Easy back-end integration with partner solutions (e.g. API Gateways, WAFs, CDNs, etc.) for comprehensive security and control of API access,

– Deep security expertise to stay ahead of attackers’ next moves,

– Cross-platform consistency that’s complimentary to Apple iOS and Google Android tools,

– Real-time visibility and enhanced reporting, and

– “Actual use” pricing that charges only for the validation of genuine active monthly users. Competing offerings also charge for rejected traffic at the backend, failed attempts by bots, scripts or tampered apps, etc.

Nico Gabriel, President of car rental disruptor SixtX, said Sixt: “In the early days of car sharing, we saw aggregators displaying the availability and location of our vehicles. Reviewing our API security arrangements, we realized how straightforward it was to extract this level of data and we worried that third parties might be able to take a further step, and reserve and access our cars via our API. We sought a solution which could authenticate API requests from our mobile apps and from third party mobile apps. We are not opposed to sharing data, but we want to control what we share and who we share it with. Approov gives us that control.”

Alexandre Branquart, CIO/CTO & Co-Founder of award-winning Swiss eCommerce platform Deindeal added: “Knowing what is calling your API is necessary to protect your mobile channel against scripts and bots that can negatively impact your revenue streams.”

App API Inoculation:

Approov said run-time shielding of APIs complements current development-stage “shift left” initiatives with new, ongoing production “shield right” inoculation for production apps against cyber threats and automated attacks, while protecting optimal customer experience.

David Stewart, CEO of Approov, noted that too many organizations lack the time, expertise and budgets to deploy hard-to-manage backend bot /API security solutions, and many are concerned about the potential impact of app/API protections on customer-experience. “This last year, we’ve all seen just how foundational integrated mobile applications and services are to the fabric of our daily lives. We have also seen the security gaps arising from our collective increased dependence on mobile app APIs, and with Approov 2.7, we effectively address them,” Stewart said.




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