Becoming a Chief Future Officer for accounts payable: your guide to digital transformation technology

If you’re involved in accounts payable, you know how much the field is changing. New technology is transforming everything about your job, from processing invoices to communicating with your departments. But there seems to be no end to accounts payable automation solutions, from straight e-invoicing to whole cloth digital marketplaces. With so much noise in the market, how do you know which option to choose? And once you’ve got it, how do you manage the change to make it a success?

In this e-book, we help you decipher the current technology landscape, take you through your technology transformation, and give you all the tips and tricks you need to become tomorrow’s leader—a Chief Future Officer.

You’ll learn:

How to take advantage of all the technologies transforming accounts payable.
How to take initiative and drive change in your organization.
How to manage new risks that emerge through mass technology adoption.
What a best-in-class technology transformation plan looks like.
How you can guarantee smooth implementation of technology and unlock value sooner.

Download your free copy of the e-book now and learn how to harness technology to become a Chief Future Officer.
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