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Benefits of IT outsourcing for business

January 9, 2023 No Comments

by Jeffrey Smith

Many modern enterprises have already appreciated the benefits of IT outsourcing and are successfully using it to develop their business. Transferring a company to outsourcing means entrusting the solution of certain tasks to a third-party organization (contractor), for example a dedicated development company, which will ensure maximum functionality and performance of the company’s IT infrastructure for business. This approach allows you to reduce the cost of maintaining staff and significantly improve the quality of the IT infrastructure.

What is IT outsourcing for business?

When using outsourcing services, the enterprise assigns part of its internal functions to a specialized company that will implement and maintain the IT infrastructure. Outsourcing involves cooperation with the contractor for a certain period of time. The contractor receives the entire system or only a part of its components. The IT outsourcing service package may include:

– constant monitoring of server and network equipment;

– updating and configuring software;

– information security, protection against hacker attacks;

– consultations on any issues related to IT infrastructure;

– support for backup services.

The contractor’s services, as well as the terms and conditions for their provision, are agreed in the subscription service agreement, which is concluded between the two parties.

Who needs the services of an IT outsourcer

A decade ago, few people used outsourcing services, preferring to have a full-time specialist for each task. Today, they are resorted to by many enterprises that seek to ensure the high-quality construction of their information system. As practice shows, service by a third party helps to improve business processes and optimize the operation of computer equipment in the enterprise. IT outsourcing may be required in such cases:

– to ensure the smooth functioning of computers at the stage of starting a business;

– as a replacement or addition to the existing technical support with the stable development of the enterprise;

– for firms at the stage of their growth – when the requirements for full-time employees have significantly outgrown their qualifications.

Any legal entities can resort to attracting contractors, whether they are large production facilities, logistics companies or online stores. With their help, all activities are distributed in such a way that the company pays maximum attention to the main areas, without being distracted by solving additional tasks.

Which is better – your own IT department or IT outsourcing?

In the course of the company’s work, the manager may face the question of creating his own IT department or transferring information network services to IT outsourcing. When making a decision, it is necessary to take into account such factors as the qualifications of the staff, the speed of solving problems, and the volume of the IT infrastructure.

In a small company, a system administrator can handle these functions, but you should not expect that against the background of a routine, he will pay due attention to business development. In many companies, the amount of work required is much less than that required for a full-time employee. When using the services of outsourcing organizations, the enterprise receives multi-level support, in which all issues are resolved in a short time and at fixed costs.

Service Benefits

One of the main advantages of outsourcing is the ability to save money without compromising the quality of IT services. A subscription service contract is much cheaper than maintaining a full-time employee and does not require you to bear such overhead costs as paying a social package or providing an administrator with a workspace. Other benefits of IT outsourcing include:

– no expenses for the search and training of specialists;

– the ability to quickly change the scope of tasks;

– reduction of the tax base (there is no need to pay taxes on full-time employees);

– improving the quality of implemented systems and software;

– quick response to emergency situations;

– efficient use of computer equipment.

Outsourcing services will allow the company to focus on core business processes. Thanks to the maintenance by the contractor, it is possible to ensure the stable operation of information systems, significantly increasing their reliability and security.

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