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Big or Small, Your Restaurant Can Reap the Benefits of a POS System

May 27, 2020 No Comments

Featured article by Ellis Burke, Independent Technology Author


Cash registers are a thing of the past, or at least they should be, to make room for POS systems – Point of Sale Systems. In an age where we can achieve more with less, these systems can streamline your restaurant’s operations and manage your employees and customers more effectively, whether you run a local cafe or a large restaurant chain.

A point of sale system is the location in which business transactions are completed, calculating sales price and indicating it, creating an invoice, and offering different payment options to the customer. Restaurant POS systems can offer numerous benefits to help better the way you run your restaurant, these include…

Streamlined Operations

Your business operations need to be effectively managed for your business to run smoothly, so streamlining them will benefit your restaurant more than you know. From inventory management, faster service and simplified accounting, a POS system will make effective operations as easy as pie.

Unlike a regular cash register, a POS system will track products coming in and out of your business to monitor which are most popular and those that are ultimately a waste of money. The products that fly off the shelves are then set to automatically be reordered when they reach a certain level, to prevent running out and disappointing customers. Not only does this work hand in hand with customer service, but it also saves your employees hours upon hours they would have spent manually logging deliveries of inventory, which could be riddled with human error.

To effectively manage your restaurant finances, you once would have had to keep hold of your receipts and tediously sort through them by hand, but no more. A POS system will do this for you as and when sales are completed; allowing you to export this data into specialized accounting software or print reports for an accountant.

Customer Management and Satisfaction

Any business should place customers as a top priority, managing them, offering them a premium service and ensuring their satisfaction with every experience and by investing in a POS system, you are taking those first steps into doing just that.

The system can monitor your inventory (as mentioned above) and so ensures you continue to have an adequate level of stock to avoid disappointing customers. A cloud-based system collects data based on which items are top selling and therefore most popular, then will keep a close eye on inventory levels to ensure those items are always available for customers.

Payment is the least enjoyable part of eating out, so you should make it as painless as possible. A POS system allows numerous payment options to allow customers to use their preferred method, whether that be cash, credit/debit cards, Apple Pay etc. Your system will be compatible with almost every major payment method to cater to all customers’ wishes, making transactions quickly and free of errors, and leaving them with thoughts of your perfect customer service.

Employee Management

Not only is it important to manage your customers, but employees need to be effectively directed, and a POS system has the capabilities to make doing so more efficient. From clocking in/out, to pay-checks, performance reviews and eliminating theft.

The POS system has an accurate clocking in/out feature that allows you to monitor the hours worked by each employee to pay them accordingly. It is not unheard of for staff to take advantage of these clocking features in an attempt to receive bigger paychecks, but this accurate feature in the system will ensure you are not paying more than you should be and lead to accurate finance data.

The system also allows all employees with access to view their performance within the business as well as their fellow staff members, this can incentivize them to work harder and reach goals, as well as allowing you to blatantly see which employees deserve recognition for their performance and which need to be watched more closely.

Employee theft can occur in any business, in restaurants it could be food, cutlery or more commonly, money from the tills, but this can be prevented with a POS system. This is possible as the system will log which employees complete each transaction and identify the perpetrator within seconds.

Accuracy Increase

When you have the right tool, things are made much easier. When staff are in charge of data collection there are bound to be some discrepancies, human error is an unavoidable issue that arises when employees are handling real-time data, but this can be eliminated with a POS system. This is because inventory levels, profit/loss statements, employee hours and other data can be accurately collected and displayed to all employees in seconds, saving your staff time and allowing your business to run smoothly and you to make educated business decisions without error.

Ease of Use

You may be thinking that it sounds too good to be true. You may think that this will be a complex system that only one or two people in your business will utilize… but this is not that case at all.

POS systems are touchscreen and simple to navigate, making all possibilities easy for any employee to use. Continued practice will result in the system becoming second nature to staff and allowing your restaurant to reap the benefits that it can provide. Its ease will eventually result in shorter training periods for future staff and save you both time and money in that respect, boosting your efficiency and productivity, what’s not to like?

These are just some of the benefits of Restaurant POS systems available today. Other benefits can include customer marketing tools such as loyalty offers, gift cards, and better communication hardware integrations to communicate with the kitchen. If there’s one technology a restaurant prepared for the future and to fend off the competition, this is it.

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