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BullWall’s Ransomware “Kill Switch” Comes to North America – Widely Used in Europe

May 3, 2023 No Comments

SOURCE: BullWall

North American Channels Program Opens

BullWall’s ransomware containment “kill switch” Ransom Care is widely used in European mission-critical environments such as healthcare, education, government and critical infrastructure enterprises, and now it’s being introduced in North America.

Deployed as a last line of defense, Ransom Care has been field proven to block ransomware from data sources in seconds and disable “patient zero” ransomware carriers.

It continuously monitors file shares, application servers and database servers in the cloud and in the data center, preventing server data encryption within seconds and thwarting attempts to encrypt and/or exfiltrate data.

Chris Byrne, Sales Director at Avoira, said: “We’ve seen time and again that ransomware breaks through endpoint and AV defenses, and directly targets file share resources. Once it breaks through, every second counts and the network is often seized within mere minutes. BullWall shuts down ransomware attacks in under ten seconds – remarkable, but true!”

BullWall North American Channel Partner Program:

BullWall will sell Ransom Care 100% through channel partners in the North American market, continuing its channels-only strategy that’s driven its growth in Europe. BullWall’s new North America Channel Program features:

– Education and support that equip its partners to share BullWall’s unmatched ransomware kill switch capabilities with customers;

– Free customer assessments for environments with 250 Active Directory users or more, as well as support for smaller customer environments;

– On-site pre-sale support from BullWall’s sales engineers, including demos and ransomware assessments or pentests;

– Superb post-sales customer service and support; and

– Industry-leading revenue sharing.

“Fully 77% of our clients who have taken a ransomware assessment have learned that they’re far more vulnerable to ransomware lockdowns and extortions than they’d believed, and become customers within 90 days. They have proven to be an exceptional solutions partner for us,” said Byrne.

New Executive Appointments:

BullWall has appointed two accomplished veterans to drive its entry into the North American market.

CMO Carol Volk brings a proven track record of success in developing and executing strategic marketing initiatives for leading technology companies.

Executive Vice President of America Sales Steve Hahn is an accomplished security sales leader with a background spanning start-ups, Fortune 100, PE owned and publicly held companies. He has a 15+ year record of leading teams past quota targets and EBITDA expectations.

“The wealth of experience and leadership that Carol and Steve bring to BullWall are pivotal to our successful expansion into North America, which has experienced firsthand the impacts of ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure,” said Steen Lomholt-Thomsen, BullWall Chairman of the Board.

“Ransomware is capable of infecting up to 25,000 files per minute per infected device, and in the U.S. alone there were over 217 million attacks in 2022 according to Statistica, making the U.S. the most targeted country in the world. The ability to detect and contain the outbreak within seconds is a game changer. We believe that our solutions make a real difference in the fight against cyber threats,” Hahn said.

BullWall CEO Michael Slipsager agreed, noting: “We are thrilled to be expanding our operations into North America.”


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