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Business AI: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Improve Customer Experience

July 22, 2020 No Comments

Featured article by Gladys Stewart, Independent Technology Author


AI, short for Artificial Intelligence, refers to the enabling of machines to understand the world, think like a human person, and to act even more efficiently and effectively than the human brain would.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, gone are the days when machines were all steel and no brain; machines are smarter now more than ever before.

Artificial Intelligence has been a game-changing technological advancement for businesses ever since it came into being. Thanks to AI, business to customer and customer to business interaction has been made seamless.

Here are ways in which Artificial Intelligence helps improve customer experience:

– Provides Systems That Empower the Customers

AI has highly benefited customers since it was introduced as a business regimen. It has given customers the ultimate power. For instance, with just an app or a website store, a customer can select several products and make an order. Before long, the ordered goods would arrive at the doorstep of the customer without them going to the physical store.

AI makes it easy for the customer or client to navigate through the sales platform. AI has empowered customers by handing them the tools needed for them to handle tasks all by themselves. It has never been this easy to schedule online classes, hair appointments, Spa appointment, therapy consultations, and the likes.

Even if the customers are doing different or similar tasks at the same time on the same AI-managed platform, there would still be no clash. Every customer wants to feel special. Due to this, they’ll prefer a platform that empowers them (AI) rather than one that is full of flaws (human-managed). This is why it’s essential for you to operationalizing AI for your business.

– Betters Customer-Business Interaction

Before, it was hard for businesses to attend to all the queries, complaints and feedback from a lot of customers. In fact, most of the complaints, queries, and feedbacks of the clients and customers went unattended because there was only so much human hands could do. That has since improved with the advent of chatbots.

When it comes to customer-business interactions and engagements, AI takeover in the business scene has changed the status quo. Chatbot, which is an innovation of AI, has made it possible for businesses to interact and communicate with all their clients and customers without stress.

Using AI, chatbots are made to feel and understand the needs of customers. With the aid of data and information on diverse aspects of the customer’s being, they can identify patterns to detect and solve problems that the customer might have.

Filled with more information than the brain can ever comprehend, the chatbots are equipped to give customers or potential customers personalized attention that makes them feel understood and valued.

Not only do these chatbots respond timely and efficiently to customers, but also, they project the business’s voice to establish its uniqueness. Thus, Artificial Intelligence helps you serve your customer better, which is exactly what enhanced customer experience is all about.

– Uses Personalized Email and Web Content to Improve Customers’ Engagement

Before the advent of AI, businesses, blogs, organizations, and the likes had to depend on human hands to create customers/clients’ content. Even though they spent long hours composing, crafting, and scheduling the content, the content was perfect yet off-mark for one thing.

The one thing was that the content was not personalized enough to gear the customers and clients into action. Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence has opened up the floor for personalized content geared towards the customers exactly as they are.

 Using user data and algorithm, AI would understand the customer’s individuality and use that to fashion a user-personalized content (be it for email or web) that would incite the customer for action.

The action might be to click a link to read a blog post, by a product, make a review, or something else. With AI, businesses would understand their customers better and use that to fashion, not just content, but also products that the customers want and need.

– Revenue is Increased

AI has made it absolutely possible for businesses to be more productive. This is beneficial to both the business and its customers. Instead of ads that are sundry without a streamlined target, Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for businesses to showcase their ads to the targeted people.

Imagine you don’t have a child, yet you keep getting ads about buying baby food. This would annoy you. If this were to happen, the business is on the losing end because their ad is not hitting the right target market.

That is the advantage of AI for business. It helps businesses do smart work that would generate more revenue compared to hard work without result. Artificial Intelligence helps businesses reduce their workload while helping them achieve better results.


Artificial Intelligence is the future, and the future is now. Among other things, the coronavirus pandemic has shown the world that businesses cannot survive on just the traditional skills.

AI needs to be integrated with your business’s traditional operations method to enable you to give your customers the best. In addition, it’ll help your business stay ahead in the ever-competitive business world.

About the Author

Gladys Stewart is fond of tinkering around different hardware and software and has considered such activity as her hobby. Along with the information she gathers from different materials, Gladys shares her fascination with technology by publishing tech-related articles in different online platforms.  

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