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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Choosing a studio for corporate animations

August 17, 2020 No Comments

Featured article by Michael Hart, Independent Technology Author

Selecting the right video production agency can be trickier than some people think. And in the digital era with so much competition for buyers’ attention, it’s very wise to invest a little time in ensuring you make the right choice. Don’t be distracted by the plethora of channels and formats available to distribute content – content is king, and only the best quality videos will achieve the right results.

Is your firm with the times with video?

Since video became a popular medium, producing corporate videos has, unsurprisingly, become big business – and a huge part of this demand is explainer videos. These are short, concise snapshots of what your business has to offer to solve customers’ pain points and achieve objectives, and it’s estimated that around 81% of businesses have produced at least one explainer video.

First impressions count

In simple terms, an explainer video is statistically more and more likely to be the first sight of your business that a potential new customer has into your firm. So, make it count – and in reality, you only have a few seconds to stand out from all the other online noise.

5 handy tips to get started

Given this, the importance of producing the right product and conveying the right message becomes all the more obvious – cutting corners or being thrifty has a place in these challenging times, but that time and place isn’t on your corporate explainer video. Because of this, we’ve given you 5 handy tips on choosing your video production agency.

1) Be clear on your objective and the brief – a video company can’t be expected to guess this, so at least be consistent with what you’re asking them to do

2) Do your research – speak with at least a few companies to see who you think you can work with and their technical and creative capabilities

3) Review their portfolio of work and case studies, and look at their recent projects. Speak with some of their customers to understand how they are to work with, and how efficient their work is

4) Go with your feeling – although one agency may look posher and slicker, if you think another can deliver a good product by spending more time on your project and really valuing your business, then go with them

5) Don’t forget the price tag. Times are undoubtedly tough, and videos can be expensive. It’s vital to assess the quality of the product and compare this to the price on offer in detail. Be sure you’re getting the best value for money for your budget, even if you don’t go with the cheapest or most expensive option.



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