CIAM Success Hinges on Experience and Security

Strike the delicate balance between usability and security

The business landscape is rapidly evolving to that of a digital first model. Everything today is a ‘click’ away. The expectations of consumers and potential customers are driving the real-world need for businesses to deploy a purpose-built CIAM solution to attract, manage, and retain customers. Ensuring that ‘click’ is happening on your digital properties is a priority. Delivering a convenient, secure, and frictionless user experience is paramount to driving growth and revenue. More and more businesses are differentiating and creating a competitive advantage by providing the best possible user experience. Gather insights for developing and implementing your CIAM solution in this whitepaper. Key takeaways you’ll gather include:
  • A foundational understanding that CIAM and IAM are similar but certainly not the same
  • The importance of providing users control of their profile and personal information
  • User experience (UX) is critical but don’t discount privacy and data protection
  • The importance of balancing immediate needs with long-term strategic goals
  • Why a CIAM solution is not a ‘silver-bullet’ to deliver an exceptional user experience
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