Delivering Personalized Content For Dummies

You need to create a powerful, secure, and scalable digital foundation in order to create optimized, personal, omnichannel customer experiences.

Customers expect personalised, consistent experiences across any channel and at speed.

Customers today expect sophisticated, personalized digital experiences from the brands they engage with. That means contextually and personally relevant experiences that adapt rapidly and are consistent across channels and devices. To do so, they must digitally transform their organization. Building a powerful, secure and scalable digital foundation is central to creating the best customer experiences but is too often a challenging and ongoing process.

To stay ahead of the competition as well as improve customer acquisition and retention, companies need a scalable, unified, agile, and secure digital foundation that streamlines content management for marketers and developers, and integrates data insights for personalized, engaging, and consistent omnichannel experiences.

This book will address best practices like:

• Meet customers where they are
• Shorten the path to value
• Let AI sweat the small stuff
• Move faster with IT and marketers pulling together
• Create one dynamic experience that flows freely across channels
• Let a modern workflow carry you to success
• Use analytics to steer you in the right direction
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