Demonstrating Potential Impact of Optimization on Shareholder Value

For many marketers, the consideration of corporate finance, company valuation, and shareholder value, are probably peripheral at best. Marketers may be driven more by marketing performance metrics, like web traffic, click-through rates, or CPMs, or by sales and revenue goals. These all, however, are just proxies for what ultimately matters: Building the long-term value of the company. The key to creating a more synergistic relationship between marketing impact and shareholder value is creating visibility and a common language: What is marketing doing for shareholder value; and what can a shareholder value approach do for marketing? In this whitepaper, Rex Briggs, founder and CEO of Marketing Evolution, seeks to answer both these questions. He outlines different approaches marketing professional can use to communicate effectively, in easy to understand ways, the impact marketing optimization and performance can have on shareholder value. He outlines the case for marketing pros to think more about shareholder value. In addition, he shares ways they can use it to make decisions about their media and marketing mix to drive higher ROI.
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