Draw Up Deep Waters: 7 Steps to Creating a Customer-First Culture


In order to succeed in today’s digital world, you need to “draw up” the data that makes those assets most useful to your customers, creating “customer-first” experiences that put their needs ahead of everything else.

Customers expect content to be tailored especially for them — available at the very moment they need it, no matter where they are. If you can’t meet their needs, they won’t give your brand a second look. Econsultancy’s findings confirm that organizations with well-designed user journeys “that facilitate clear communication and a seamless transaction are 57 percent more likely to have exceeded their business goals by a significant margin.”

Points addressed include:

1. Know your audience inside out
2. Build your strategy around the customer
3. Assemble a crew of journey managers
4. Reward outstanding customer-first performance.
5. Develop clear workflows with cross-functional collaboration.
6. Use systems and technology to output content fast
7. Make optimization fast and efficient.
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