Enterprise leadership: Developing new leadership for a new world

Today’s leaders are being asked to simultaneously run the business and change the business. But Korn Ferry research shows that only 14% of leaders have what it takes.

Grounded in deep science and abundant, practical experience, Korn Ferry has developed a rich, holistic approach to understanding, assessing, and developing Enterprise Leaders, The Korn Ferry Enterprise Leadership Framework.

Download our report to learn more about what Enterprise Leaders do in order to drive both performance and transformation to serve and create lasting value for the whole enterprise and the whole ecosystem.

As the world continues to change dramatically, so do the demands on leaders.

We need a different type of leader. Leaders who can simultaneously perform and transform. Impact across their enterprise. Impact across the ecosystem. Inspire. Motivate. Grow the business and themselves. We call these rare people Enterprise Leaders.

Discover what defines them and why they are equipped to handle the top three challenges facing leaders today.

Contact us if you want to discuss leadership in the new world of work.

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