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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Data Capture and Management Tips For Non-Profit Fundraising Campaigns

September 23, 2020 No Comments

Featured article by John Guevara, Outreach Specialist and Content Editor at LD SEO Sydney


Nonprofits have taken a real hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the current mood among many citizens indicates that the process of sheltering in place has led many people to reassess where their dollars go. If you’re part of a non-profit that needs to boost visibility, now may be the time to improve your data capture.

Who’s Giving and Why?

Not every charity works for every donor, but there are some donors who contribute frequently to a cluster of organizations tied to a particular cause. If you want to target those in your periphery, a tracking service like MoveData may make it easier to make donors aware of your campaigns, any available matches, and the results of your work.

Get Results Posted

Why are you collecting money, and what difference are you making? Boosting your visibility by posting real-time images of the difference you’re making is crucial to maintaining donor engagement. If you want to get and keep their attention, consider getting quotes from those who benefit from your work for online marketing campaigns.

People are fearful of current health risks, and this is translating to a fear of one another. Improving your visibility can be as simple as promoting the story of someone who has been helped by your organization. The world could use more great stories, particularly those with happy endings!

Gather Data on Real Time Donations

Find a platform that shows the momentum of your online funding drives. For example, you could create a graphic that includes names of donors as allowed and a rising rocket of cash momentum elevating your promotion. As potential donors see dollars growing, they will be more inclined to be part of the “gold rush” of fundraising.

Additionally, try to gather quotes as donors share their “why” of contribution. Everyone has a story, and with the right platform, you can collect information on the cause you’re fighting for. Video stories will increase your reach, if your website will support video displays for potential donors to study. To keep campaigns both current and looking polished, try to gather quotes and video interviews in the weeks leading up to a campaign so you can put together a reel of your impact, successes and future goals.

Build Community

It’s a helpless time for many people, particularly those who like to volunteer for their favorite causes. As you promote your causes, strive to celebrate donors of any size. Someone who’s long donated their time may not be able to contribute many dollars, but a small donation deserves a footprint and recognition. With the right online platform, you can acknowledge donors without noting how much they gave, then make a later publication of donors by dollar grouping.

For many, 2020 has been a time of isolation, loneliness, and stress. Participating in causes that are near and dear to donors both large and small can reduce this struggle. Even when we can’t meet in person, the ability to celebrate digitally as donors can bring non-profits closer to their donor pool.

 About the Author

John Guevara is an Outreach Specialist and Content Editor at LD SEO Sydney. He is the adventurous type and is never afraid to take on new challenges. He likes tech-related stuff but is also crazy about cars and motorcycles. He has been in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry since 2008 having served as a Customer Service Representative, Quality Assurance Manager, Project Manager, and Operations Manager.

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