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IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: Getting the Most Out of Open Source While Managing License Compliance, Risk, and Security

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Feature-rich encrypted chat: exploring Utopia messenger!

September 11, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Matt Turner

Bdata 300x200 Feature rich encrypted chat: exploring Utopia messenger!

Data is getting more precious than oil in 2019. Companies collect tremendous masses of data from essential daily apps. Your must-have kit, including messenger, browser, e-mail, and e-wallet track online activities so that institutions can draw well-defined conclusions about your habits. Why do they need this data? To enhance their influence in commercials and marketing campaigns, sell databases, commit investigations, and many more.

Of course, you may believe that you have nothing to hide, so data collection doesn’t fascinate you. But the activities are also tracked by hackers; cyber criminality appears more often in news reports. For all these reasons, the demand for encrypted chatraises. Centralized platforms that store sensitive information about you on a single server are no longer meet the digital era.

Are allsecure chat rooms the same? What is Utopia and how it serves online confidentiality? Let’s cut to the chase!

Encrypted chat: what does distinct a secure messenger?

Nowadays, many messengers encrypt their data, but this doesn’t mean they are secure. How to identify a reliable platform?

- End-to-end encryption. Platforms you consider secure because they are claimed encrypted don’t encrypt data by default. Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Signal are secure if only you create a private conversation. Voice and group chats are not encrypted. Later you will discover why uMessenger was built from the ground up with privacy.

- No metadata. Messengers handling metadata create a breach in the security. Yes, they don’t read the content of your messages but know everything about your device, location, contact list. uMessanger is 100% anonymous, and soon you’ll get why!

Utopia ecosystem – quick guide to privacy

Utopia is a decentralized P2P environment which consists of uMessenger, uMail, uWallet, Idyll browser, and Mining tool. It took six years to develop the service and community that fulfills the freedom of speech and online confidentiality. Now the project is on Beta stage, but a lot of privacy-conscious users already use it daily. Having all the essentials in-built in one platform with no need to switch the apps and open numerous windows. Magnificent, isn’t it? What are the immutable principles that contribute to Utopia safety?

- Sophisticated encryption. Elliptic curves and P2P encryption algorithms guarantee data transfers with intensified safety. Only the holder of the key can read the content. Unlike the regular messaging app, uMessenger is encrypted by default!

- No central server. This means that organizations never have access to sensitive data. uMessenger doesn’t collect meta files to hand over Big Brother. Information flows only from a sender to a receiver!

- Anonymity. Utopia ecosystem never asks you to mention a phone number, name, e-mail, and other private information unlike the analogs, like Telegram, that are linked to your phone.

All the stated postulates are backed up by the system of generous bonuses! Users rewarded for the time they spend within the ecosystem as they equitably contribute to developing of the network paths.

We believe you are intrigued and willing to dive into Utopia facilities!

Paople Working Feature rich encrypted chat: exploring Utopia messenger!


Now you read a lot about the in-built messenger. Let’s summarize! So, it’s:

* Safe – encrypted by default;

* Anonymous – doesn’t require any data from you;

* Funny – make use of colorful stickers and games;

* Multifunctional – suitable for different files formats.

Messenger is a universal solution for bloggers, entrepreneurs, companies, and ordinary people. Users can start a channel allowing read-only messages, share unbiased data on the newsfeed, or discuss confidential business issues.

Download the Beta version and invite friends to experience free correspondence!


It looks like a mailbox you got used to – folders with letters sorted by subject and senders. First of all, you should mind that uMail allows its users to email only to authorized members, within the Utopia environment. Otherwise, the principle of safety is distrusted.

uMail is suitable for business correspondence thanks to Templates. Create a pattern for the letters you regularly send to facilitate mailing and enhance effectiveness!

Amazing fact: you can view messenger, mailbox, and contact list simultaneously on one screen! This feature helps to save time and efforts while communicating.


The integrated wallet is responsible for in-house financial transactions. Quick purchases and money transfers take several seconds.

You still don’t hold a crypto card? Utopia is a great place to register your first one. Develop personal design or lucky numbers to commit payments in crypto.

By the way, Crypton (CRP) is a native currency Utopia issued for internal payments. Users get rewarded in CRPs every 15 minutes they use the software – don’t miss a single second! Discover how the Mining bot works below.

Idyll browser

This browser lets you visit sites hosted on Utopia server. It meets all the requirements of online security. Namely, never tracks your metadata, a browsing history, payment details, etc.

Breakthrough news: you can design and host a website on Utopia effortlessly; it doesn’t require specific skills.

Mining bot

This feature allows users to earn Cryptons improving the ecosystem workflow. CRPs will be credited your balance instantly. There are no limits on the number of devices to use – so, make use of your old laptops and smartphones!

To sum up

Utopia is a self-enclosed ecosystem reinforced by multifunctionality, state-of-art encryption, and lavish bonuses. Shortly the team will release the mobile version with an option to design a framework. Download the Beta version to be the pioneering user of essential daily kit: messenger, e-mail, browser, and many more!






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