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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Five Types of Python Jobs in High Demand Right Now

February 21, 2023 No Comments

by Shahin Fard, CEO, Bravr

In uncertain times, the world of tech can offer security and opportunities. As a result of the unprecedented events of the past few years, there are more tech opportunities available than ever, and it doesn’t look as though the situation is likely to change any time soon. With software developers spoiled for choice when it comes to opportunities, working in JavaScript or Python are in general terms the wisest choice as most organizations will require one of the two. 

The Rise of Python

When a group of Monty Python lovers named their programming language over thirty years ago, they probably didn’t imagine that it might go on to become one of the leading programming languages across the globe.  Today, python plays a critical role in the formation of the digital landscape; according to github, the language saw over 22% growth in 2022, it still holds a strong second to JavaScript, having surpassed Java in 2018. As such, pursuing Python jobs can offer high levels of job security as well as career progression, despite today’s financial uncertainties.  Here are a few roles that are in high demand right now. 

Software Engineer

In an industry where data has the potential to deliver huge value and offer an insight into not just what users are doing today, but how they will interact with technology in the future. However, thanks to AI and the Internet of Things, massive amounts of data are produced every second across the globe. Software engineers play a vital role in extracting, sorting and organizing that data so that data scientists can go on to extract meaningful information from it. 

Senior Data Scientist

Once software engineers have done their thing it is time for the data scientists to make sense of the (now ordered) infinite volumes of data. Responsible for analyzing this data and predicting future interactions with different platforms, data scientists allow organizations to gain insight and value from data. The role of senior data scientist is one that offers excellent career progression opportunities as well as high levels of job security as any growing organization committed to digital excellence will require a strong senior data scientist. 

Python Developer

A safe career choice for anyone who has invested in learning and practicing the language, Python developer is a role that is central in most organizations who want to develop and maintain their front end and back end.  Python developers experience plenty of variety, taking on a range of roles including optimizing data algorithms, front end and back end development, managing data protection and security, supporting and fixing bugs, and data analytics. 

Product Manager

Python is not just an essential skill for data scientists, it is valuable for product managers, too. Aside from the fact that some smaller organizations don’t have a specialist data scientist, understanding code can help product managers to have a deeper understanding of the product, which will in turn result in more successful product management and streamlined processes. 

Python Web Developer

Once upon a time, just having a website was considered forward-thinking. As being online is the norm and no longer the exception, it is essential that online offerings are compelling, engaging and fully functional, at all times. UX and UI are, therefore, central to a business’s success, both on and offline. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the coming years will see a 30% rise in web developer jobs, with Python web developers making up a significant proportion. 

Securing the Right Opportunity 

With a rise in demand for people with Python skills, and not enough talent to fill them, there are many opportunities presenting themselves for those looking to improve their prospects. However, it is not always wise to choose the job with the biggest salary or most extravagant benefits packages. Tempting as it may be in these times of financial uncertainty, it will pay to take a step back and look at the long term benefits of different Python jobs, not just the short term gains. 

The best way to determine whether an organization is a good fit for you is to network. Speak to people in the industry and get the inside information on a company’s ethos and how they treat their staff. If you lack the contacts to get good intel on different companies, it might be wise to seek professional support. For many people looking at developing their career in tech, it can be a good idea to work with tech recruiters. Tech recruitment agencies will be able to look beyond the benefits, weighing them up with the realities with an insight that can only be gained from industry expertise. A recruiter will know the levels of work and hours required by a company, as well as one of the most telling sets of data: levels of staff retention and turnover. What’s more, it is literally a tech recruiter’s job to place you in the best role to meet your skill sets, and ensure that you stay there. 

With so many opportunities it can be hard to know where to look. Try not to be dazzled by the wealth of prospects: assess where your strengths lie, where you want your career to lead you, how you like to work, and what you need in order to live comfortably, then look for the jobs that best match your parameters. 

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