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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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Four Ways Internet Access Can Improve Health

May 30, 2023 No Comments

by Russell Emmental

There’s much to be said about how the internet can negatively impact health. For example, phone addiction and social media overuse can lead to unhealthy, sedentary lifestyles and agoraphobia. In addition, excessive phone use can cause carpal tunnel. 

While there are plenty of examples of negative impacts of internet use, there are positive impacts provided by it as well. We often don’t appreciate just how amazing the invention of the internet has been for public health. These are the four ways internet access can (and frequently does) improve your health.

Expanding Access to Information

The most incredible thing the internet has done is expand access to information. Rather than having to make an appointment, wait weeks, and visit their doctor, people worldwide can find information about what ails them in seconds.

You can research the best ways to relieve heartburn on WebMD, the healthiest type of fruit for children on the Mayo Clinic website, and alternatives to traditional cigarettes such as those at

Now, anybody with internet access can utilize an encyclopedia, phone book directory, and medical experts at any time.

Promoting Communication and Communication Skills

Lots of folks have trouble communicating. Whether they have difficulty expressing their thoughts, don’t feel accepted enough by their peers to venture into the conversation, or have anxiety, a lack of communication skills can lead to poor health outcomes.

Folks may avoid seeking medical care or be unable to explain to their care provider what ails them. But the internet can help anyone develop a range of communication skills that otherwise would require classroom instruction to instill.

Social media also promotes communication and can foster a sense of community that can be much harder to achieve in the real world.

Developing Literacy

Today our global literacy rate stands at about 87%. That’s a vast improvement from the early 80s when it was just 70%. Literacy and internet access go hand in hand, for the same reason the internet is so essential for promoting communication.

Through the magic of the world wide web, entire communities can access free and comprehensive literacy courses that otherwise would be impossible to access. In 2020, only 60% of the world had access to the internet. It’s incumbent upon our generation to fight for expanded access to the internet so that we can boost health outcomes worldwide.

Decrease a Sense of Loneliness and Isolation

Loneliness is so detrimental to health that the Surgeon General has declared loneliness an “epidemic.” Those who suffer from chronic loneliness have worse health outcomes, from heart and mental health to blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 

Many internet sites can decrease loneliness and isolation—chatrooms, social media, and, importantly, blogs. 

You have something unique to say. Share it with the world and get instant feedback from kindred spirits.

Connecting (Digitally)

Access to the internet translates into an instant boost to your health. Once you count all the positive ways the internet has changed your life, you’ll feel compelled to fight for others’ right to access it too.

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