From too many CMSes to a single content hub

Are you looking to create digital products – websites, apps or devices – but have content stored in various forms across various systems? That can make workflows inefficient and governance ineffective. In short, it can make organizing and managing content for multiple outputs a mess. A content hub provides a cohesive meta layer for content that can integrate multiple backend systems, homegrown included. Digital teams can access the content they need, and begin to assemble and integrate it without committing to a full rip and replace that requires serious change management. The hub becomes the single source of content truth for your organization. Download this white paper to learn: How a content hub differs from a traditional CMS The benefits of implementing a content hub solution today, without needing to rip and replace your old CMS How a content hub can reduce your costs, improve your workflows and decrease time to market with digital products How various Contentful customers have seen success after implementing a content hub, and how it can work for you
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