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Future Of HR: Processes To Automate

December 21, 2020 No Comments

Featured article by Caitlyn Bell, Independent Technology Author

Every business operation and job role has its own pros and cons. When it comes to HR, they are responsible to manage the most important resource of any workplace, i.e. the human capital.

Without recruiting a talented workforce and making efforts to retain them with your organization, it will become costly for you to run your business. Most of the time, many HR leaders find it difficult to manage their workload.

There is plenty of work with very little time. Since they don’t have much bandwidth, it often becomes challenging for them to juggle their work. Thus arises the need to make the lives of HRs a little easy and automate their work. At least the work that is possible.

For this, there are several tools that are now available to automate a few tasks of HRs. The recent advancement in technology surely has its perks that organizations are leveraging.

Employee salaries

Payrolls are perhaps the most complex and the most important aspect of any organization. Salaries act as incentives for employees to stay motivated and put their best foot forward. Once that’s affected, it will be difficult for employees to trust their organization. It is, after all, always about money at the end of the day.

To help HRs get rid of this pressure of pays, rewards, and benefits, there is a payroll management system that has been designed specifically for this purpose. With this tool, you can automate pay, quickly onboard new hires on the payroll system, and also increase a sense of satisfaction among employees.

HRs can also automate any additional admin work with this tool as well.


Recruitment is one of the most hectic processes that HRs need to go through. It is also the most important one perhaps. There are now software and digital tools that can help you automate the various stages of this process.

This helps you save time, it is less expensive, your company can hire the best candidate out there, and also you can offer a smooth candidate experience.

There are tools to optimise every single word of the job posting. You can also adopt tools that help you automate the indicators of the hiring process such as an applicant tracking system.

HRs can consider automating emails, tools that offer self-service interview scheduling, auto-rejection of questions, and more.

Background checking and screening

After finding out the right candidate, next comes doing a background check. This task might sound interesting but it a labor-intensive and time-consuming process.

With the help of recruitment software, you can easily automate this process. It helps you to reduce error and also make sure that every step is accurate from the skills to the right roles. This speeds up your background checking by allowing you to automate tasks that are time-consuming such as criminal record checks or the tasks that are admin intensive.

When you have the right tool that fits your organization like a glove, offers a remarkable experience to prospective employees which further ensures their long-term retention.

Time tracking

Time plays a vital role in regards to the success of your organization. It is important everything is done at the right time including employees finishing their tasks on time, items getting delivered on time, workforce logging in on time, etc.

Thus, reports and data that are related to time-tracking also need to be perfect. To make sure you are not making errors, get your HRs a time tracking software.

This software offers you every time-related information. So much so, it can also help your employees track the number of hours they are spending on a particular project.

This is also a great tool to record the data of overtime or leaves by your employees.


Automating HR processes is now possible, thanks to the many tools that are available in the market. By automating payrolls, recruitment processes, time tracking, and background checking, you are offering ample time to HRs for them to finish of all the additional tasks that they are often assigned, hosting a training session for instance.

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