Gartner MQ Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) 2020


The Gartner Magic Quadrant is a guide for buyers considering their purchasing options in a technology marketplace.

Organizations are challenged with understanding and engaging with every customer at an individual level to deliver exceptional experiences that build lasting brand loyalty. Only Adobe brings together the power of data, content, intelligent services, and an open ecosystem to enable CXM. (Quote from press release)

Supporting Concepts:

• Adobe is empowering customers to be successful in Experience Management

• There is a breadth of industry/vertical and audience segments that Adobe serves to success

• For those shortlisting vendors, Adobe’s tools are the superior choice for driving business growth, digital transformation and supreme customer experience

• “I, too, can become an Experience Maker and achieve the business success and professional allure associated with winning this award, and I’d like to pursue an award”

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