Going Passwordless Fast and Effectively with MFA

Compromised passwords are by far the most common attack vector used by bad actors. In fact, compromised passwords and credentials are found to be the primary entry point in 81% of reported data breaches. The “password” as we know it is no longer a secure solution to protect data, privacy, and the enterprise. They are a nuisance for users and their continued use by the enterprise increases helpdesk costs.

There is a better way…The time has come to say farewell to the password. Read our most recent whitepaper – Going Passwordless Fast & Effectively with MFA – to learn how to:

  1. Effectively utilize existing Multi-factor authentication to replace the use of passwords
  2. Remove the threat of the most popular attack vectors used by bad actors
  3. Truly reduce costs associated with Helpdesk support
  4. Set realistic expectations for your passwordless initiatives
  5. Best use cases for Workforce (B2E) and Customer (CIAM)
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