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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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How can a web developer quickly promote their Insta page and get more clients?

October 17, 2022 No Comments

by Charlie Harrison

In 2022 more and more web developers prefer working as freelancers – they are in charge of their own careers and have more flexibility this way. They can choose where to work, how much to work and with whom, and even though all that are sure pros, there are also some cons in this system. The main one being – where do you find new clients and new projects and how do you manage all of that with the work and permanent studying which this job requires all at the same time? 

Well, thanks to LinkedIn and Instagram, easily; if you have social media profiles developed to a certain stage. There you can not only tell your friends about your life, but also communicate with the employers and the colleagues who can also help you with finding a new job. However, to attract the attention of the employers, you have to make sure that your page meets certain conditions and is “weighty” enough for them to notice you. In this article we will tell how a web developer can quickly promote their Insta page using quick and simple methods, such as a chance to buy Instagram followers as an initial boost, targeted ads and influence PR – these are three golden instruments to use if you want quick and effortless results on IG. 

Where to start

If you have just registered on Instagram or have a half-empty page, you have to take care of your content first. Make sure that your profile creates a feeling of a specialist’s resource, that it has lots of interesting materials both for the fellow developers and for the employers who are interested in you as a professional to read. If you see that you’re having difficulties with it and that you’re not a writer by nature, it would be best to delegate that task to somebody who can provide you with some interesting content: to a copywriter. Their services are cheaper than the services of a complex SMM specialist, but are going to be as helpful for you. 

What’s next? 

When your page is filled with worthy materials, you can start taking care of your development process. And if you don’t want to spend much money in the very beginning, it would be best to buy real Instagram followers – these will both increase the actual count of subs and will improve the statistics of your page. But be very attentive here: many websites today offer bots and fakes instead of the real subscribers, and those won’t bring any benefits to your account at all.

How to finish that up?

When the base is here, you can add on more services – go for influence PR (it might be free if it is mutual or it might be paid if you’re here for warranties and qualitative native advertising from the bigger bloggers), set a targeted ad and see how things are changing. But if we’re talking about the targeted ad, make sure to keep in mind that you have to check how your settings are working first: try them out on a smaller audience reach and then gradually increase it when you’re seeing that things are working like you’ve wanted them to. 

About the Author

Charlie Harrison is a content writer in the field of marketing and technology. PR specialist and social media promotions expert. He gives advice on how to boost a page in any net and collects the most helpful tips for today.
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